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Information is the key to business success. That’s why Interface offers a suite of business intelligence solutions that combine physical and secured network security with managed services for increased business performance for customers.

Interface Energy Management

Interface Energy

Interface Proximity


Interface Energy Management lowers both utility bills and maintenance costs while increasing comfort. Our trained experts continually monitor the performance of HVAC, refrigeration and lighting systems to meet your business needs. This valuable tool boosts operational efficiency, detects hidden maintenance issues and reduces energy usage while helping you manage and watch over every one of your retail locations.

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Interface Proximity is a fully managed Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) network we combine with your company’s new or existing mobile application to provide best-in-class retail analytics and customer engagement. We’re able to optimize the granularity of first-generation 802.1x wireless analytics by combining the latest BLE sensors and Near Field Communication (NFC) technology.

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Video Analytics


Secure Guest Social Wi-Fi and Analytics

Secure Guest Social Wi-Fi
and Analytics

Integrating surveillance video and with transactional data offers you an integrated solution, empowering you with the information to improve marketing, asset protection and loss prevention initiatives. Whether delivered as a report or via an online dashboard, you now have the insights and intelligence you need to quickly and effectively address situations requiring your attention – from anywhere at any time.

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We make it possible to integrate social media channels with guest Wi-Fi access to engage your customers at each location with opt-in marketing programs and targeted promotions. Social Wi-Fi also offers key insights into the behavior and makeup of your target audience while tracking in-store data.

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