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Distributed, consumer-facing enterprises are grappling with an uncertain economic landscape buffeted by a once in a generation health crisis. We thought this is the right time to launch Interface’s blog – Making IT Happen, to bring in clarity and help our customers navigate this uncertainty.

All these challenges translate into two critical questions for enterprise loss prevention and IT leaders:

  1. How do we secure our people, customers, inventory and assets?
  2. How can we upgrade our connectivity and collaboration platforms to adapt to changes in our operating business model?

These questions are particularly difficult  for our restaurant, retail and hospitality customers who are already going through significant changes to their business models.

Retailers who are closing down are facing the need to increase security for their vacant premises. Others, such as grocery stores, are finding it hard to get staff. Some customers are already adapting to the situation by changing their business models — offering such services as curbside pickup, home delivery, and more.

As necessity is certainly the mother of invention, these changes are requiring our customers to think differently about their security and networking needs and adopt new business models.

For instance, those who are offering curbside pickup must now also widen the areas they monitor, secure new areas, and observe comings and goings (a remote monitoring option would be a great choice in these scenarios). In addition, enterprise employees are being asked, where it’s feasible, to work remotely and collaborate using online applications. IT teams are having to make sure that employees have secure remote access to all their corporate applications, that their voice applications and help desk services are seamlessly ported over to work from anywhere.

It’s these scenarios and more that drive Interface Security Systems to be the very best at what we do.

We work closely with our customers in the retail, hospitality, restaurant, cannabis operators and financial markets to help them combat various networking and security challenges and loss on a daily basis. In fact, Interface offers Managed Network, VoIP, Asset Protection, and Business Intelligence solutions that maximize our customers’ ROI. It’s something that we’re good at — we’ve been doing it for more than 25 years.

Why You Should Subscribe to the Interface Blog

Since our inception in 1995, we’ve proven our ability many times over to innovate and embrace change quickly. We experienced years of significant growth because we were able to recognize things like organizations needing more than just security or just IT and that the convergence of networking and IP-based technologies were critical in supporting security and other applications that IT and loss prevention teams were deploying at their multi-site locations.

We also lead the way with a suite of interactive video and audio monitoring services that have allowed our security professionals to be able to see, hear and communicate with employees at various locations.

Today, we are offering a host of managed services that are comprehensive and scalable to many of America’s best-known companies in the distributed enterprise space.

We started small and now, with a team of more than 650 people, we collaborate with industry-leading technology partners to future-proof our solution offerings, including managed SD-WAN, managed broadband, 4G/LTE wireless WAN, VoIP, interactive video surveillance, life safety monitoring , access control, intrusion alarm systems, and video analytics.

More recently, to address some of today’s growing concerns and aid at-home workers, we’ve been helping our customer IT teams stand up secure remote access, enabling business continuity through our VoIP solutions and helping restaurants quickly implement cloud auto attendant features to help with these new business models.

Having seen and solved one security and networking challenge after another, we are proud to now put all of our years of experience into the launch of our new blog, Making IT Happen.

Here, we will help enterprises navigate some of the newest challenges and help them prepare for the future. We’ll not only share some of our customer success stories that hopefully can influence how our customers make their next big decision, but also identify emerging technologies, examine some of the hottest industry trends and solutions and discuss the overall industry landscape and the markets we serve.

Our blog will be informative, educational, non-promotional and engaging. Each month, a seasoned and experienced member of the team will look at such topics as Managed Networks, POS Exception Reporting for reducing lost profits, Interactive Monitoring, Facial Recognition and other Artificial Intelligence, Video Analytics, 5G/wireless broadband, SD-WAN, cloud video management, remote video surveillance, security guard replacement, intrusion alarms and more.

If you want to know about how to simplify your operations, enhance security and reduce your costs, subscribe to our blog

Together, we can make our way not only through the current climate, but share ideas and learn more about industry growth, innovative technologies and concepts as they are developing and how they’ll impact the various markets in the years ahead!

Subscribe to our blog for latest updates


Subscribe to our blog for latest updates