Our Business Intelligence Solutions Can Optimize Operations & Increase Revenues

Gain actionable data insights from video cameras, point of sale systems, and security events to reduce shrink, improve employee productivity, ensure compliance, and deliver outstanding customer experiences.

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Why You Need Business Intelligence Solutions

Actionable Data from Video Systems Is Out of Reach

Data silos and disparate security solutions make data gathering and analysis cumbersome for consumer-facing businesses. Rich data sources such as video footage from security cameras are hard to access and impossible to parse with traditional physical security solutions.

Physical Security Solutions Are Underutilized

Considering the high cost of capital investments, multi-location businesses are looking to leverage data from physical security solutions and sensors beyond loss prevention or asset protection systems.

Uncover Hidden Insights and Maximize ROI from Security Solutions

The Interface suite of business intelligence solutions can uncover operational insights needed to improve employee productivity, minimize shrink, eliminate customer service bottlenecks, and grow revenue.

Understand Customer Behavior

Find out how customers interact with products, understand wait times and service gaps, and improve store layouts.

Identify Fraud And Theft

Easily sift through millions of POS transactions to unearth suspicious transactions along with relevant video clips.

Streamline Investigations

Search and locate video clips easily to speed up investigations and securely share videos with external parties or use them for training.

Audit Performance

Review locations for safety compliance, security loopholes, customer service gaps, and employee performance.

Explore Our Business Intelligence Solutions

Interface offers multi-location enterprises the ability to discover hidden insights and streamline operations, enhance customer experience, and reduce shrink.

Video Analytics Solution

Transform your camera systems into a business intelligence tool and analyze customer behavior, product interactions, and restaurant/store/office design to maximize employee productivity and improve customer experience.

POS Exception Reporting

Combine POS (point of sale) transaction data with video surveillance to automatically flag suspicious transactions, identify shrink, monitor store performance, and train employees.

Video Management System

Manage video streams from all security cameras across all locations in a single, unified, cloud-based video management system.

Remote Audits

Get the Interface expert remote monitoring team to review live or recorded video footage of your locations to flag operational gaps.

Make Data Work for Your Enterprise

Uncover hidden data insights in your enterprise with Interface’s business intelligence solutions

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