Our Business Security Systems Protect Your Employees, Assets, and Customers

Safeguard your business and employees in real-time, reduce shrink, and gain valuable operational insights using our suite of cost-effective managed business security systems designed for enterprises & multi-location businesses.
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Why You Need Managed Business Security

Consumer-Facing Businesses Are Facing New Threats

Organized retail crime (ORC) How to Fight Organized Retail Crime | Interface Systems, smash & grab, internal theft and sophisticated fraud operations are on the rise. Multi-location businesses require holistic business security solutions without increasing complexity and cost.

Maximizing ROI for Physical Security Investments Is a Challenge

As multi-location businesses launch new locations or expand operations beyond the four walls, they are burdened by a lack of technology standardization, too many vendors in the mix, and the inability to predict operating costs.

Streamline & Enhance Physical Security Operations

Interface’s suite of business security solutions enables asset protection and loss prevention teams to maximize the utilization of their security technology, deploy the appropriate security posture by risk potential, and uncover operational insights.

Standardize Security Hardware

Easily upgrade cameras, alarm devices, and access control systems to enjoy advanced capabilities.

Reduce Workload

Get comprehensive installation and maintenance for all your security infrastructure so you can focus on strategic initiatives.

Gain Insights

Highlight security and fraud trends, uncover compliance issues and stay notified of system operational health; all in real-time. Go beyond security to understand customer experience bottlenecks and improve employee productivity.

Optimize Performance

Stop worrying about the network and storage complexities of installing connected security solutions with Interface’s purpose-built network services.

Explore Our Managed Business Security Systems

Interface delivers a comprehensive suite of advanced physical security solutions to enable multi-site enterprises to innovate faster, save operational costs, and serve customers anywhere with confidence.

Virtual Security Guards

Protect your business with live remote video monitoring by trained security professionals who can have two-way audio interactions with your employees and customers. 

Our interactive surveillance technology creates a secure workplace, improves productivity, and maximizes operational efficiencies.

Video-Verified Alarm

Get every alarm event monitored via video to reduce instances of false alarms and eliminate false alarm penalties. 

Our remote security professionals will alert law enforcement in real-time and provide them with accurate information for faster response times.

Managed Intrusion Alarm Systems

Safeguard your locations, inventory, and people using a combination of networked commercial-grade alarm systems, motion and vibration detectors, glass-break sensors, fire, moisture, and air quality monitoring devices. 

Our alarm systems are designed for multi-location businesses and offer easy access to all intrusion events from a cloud-based portal.

Managed Access Control Systems

Roll out our next-generation, fully managed, cloud-based access control systems designed for multi-site businesses. 

Get the flexibility to use any phone, tablet, or browser for access card administration, remote door control (open/close) and easily enable company-wide lockdowns.

Fire Alarm System

Deploy a code-compliant fire alarm system without dealing with the complexity of hiring multiple vendors. 
Our turnkey fire alarm monitoring solution includes design, deployment, and ongoing maintenance for all fire alarm devices and systems.

Personal Protection Monitoring

Give lone workers, patients, and infants a robust safety net using a combination of purpose-built, wearable, smart safety devices and a remote monitoring team that’s trained to respond to any emergency.

Transform Your Business Security with Interface

Schedule a free consultation with our security experts to uncover gaps in your physical security systems and discover opportunities to innovate, optimize cost and streamline operations.

Your Business Is Secure with Interface

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security events managed every year

60 K+

customer sites monitored

70 %

false alarms avoided

70 %

savings over physical guards

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field technicians


years in business

We Offer Customized Business Security Solutions for Your Industry

Interface understands the challenges in implementing a security solution stack tailored to meet the unique security threats faced by diverse industries and unique business models. Our security professionals are constantly analyzing macro and microeconomic factors that shape new and emerging threats to protect your locations, assets, and people. Explore our security service offerings by industry.
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Find Out How Panda Express Secures 2000+ Outlets with Interface

In this video case study, watch Lyle Forcum, Former Executive Director of Asset Protection at the Panda Restaurant Group share his perspectives on the challenges faced by Panda Express in securing thousands of locations and why Panda Express relies on Interface to solve their business security challenges.

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