Solutions for Cannabis Retailers & Growers

The Interface suite of solutions spanning managed business security, business intelligence and purpose-built network & voice services offers cannabis retailers the flexibility needed to comply with evolving regulations when scaling operations.

Overview of managed services for cannabis growers and distributors

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The cannabis industry is grappling with a host of issues spanning talent shortage, lack of access to capital, regulatory complexity and the challenges in securing inventory. The Interface suite of managed services offers the legalized marijuana industry secure retail outlets with minimal capital spend, upgrade employee safety, monitor operational SOPs, and roll out networking solutions with a focus on proactively complying with diverse federal, state, county, and city regulations.

Business Security Services

Deploy a robust security solution to safeguard retail locations and your people while complying with local regulations.

Virtual Guard Services

Business Intelligence

Gain insights from video recordings, intrusion alarms, and POS data on fraudulent transactions, compliance gaps, deviations from standard operating procedures, customer service issues, and employee productivity.

POS Exception Reporting

Purpose-Built Managed Network & Voice

Rapidly roll out a next-generation network infrastructure that includes managed connectivity, SD-WAN, managed firewall, managed WiFi and switches, business VoIP. Secure your network and ensure 99.99% availability for all critical applications.

Managed Connectivity

Managed Firewall

Managed WiFi and Switches

Managed SD-WAN

Business VoIP

Interface service overview for cannabis growers and distributors

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