Interface can tailor a comprehensive security solution to protect your location 24/7/365

To be successful in the convenience store business, operators must rely on thousands of transactions every day – sometimes 24/7. And beyond the sales volume demands, you must deal with a number of security issues. Customer data must be protected, and the safety of 3rd shift, night crew employees is always a concern.

Interface is uniquely qualified to provide you with a comprehensive bundle of managed services that will simplify your business. It’s what we do. So rather than dealing with multiple vendors, you get one integrated solution from Interface that not only works seamlessly, it can be delivered at scale. Here are a few examples of how we’ve helped thousands of convenience store customers.


Industry Challenge Interface
PCI Compliance Safeguard vital information, protecting your business data as well as your customers via secured managed network services.
3rd Shift Issues Utilize interactive monitoring solutions that watch and respond 24 hours a day to improve security and operations around the clock.
Sweetheart Sales Leverage exception reporting through POS integration for tighter inventory control and quicker response to theft events.
Remote Connectivity Provide important connectivity for all your locations including stand-alone stores or kiosks.
High Transactional Volume Guarantee uptime with redundant failover networks to ensure that your business is always running.
Theft Utilize intervention specialists to watch and record all activity at a location while deterring theft and providing evidence as needed.

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