It’s easy to combine Beacons, Analytics and Customer Interaction In Your Mobile App

Introducing: Proximity As A Managed Service

Convenience of a
Managed Service Solution

Proximity as a managed service guarantees optimal beacon deployment, beacon calibration, site and planogram certification, with hardware monitoring and maintenance for high availability. Our subscription model is backed by service levels and provides a hassle-free solution at the most competitive price.

Use Case: Follow this video link to see how Interface Proximity improves customer experience for NASCAR fans!

Managed Service Highlights

• Hassle-free setup, organization and monitoring
• Operation certification
• Remote management via 24/7 service centers
• Service Level Guarantees
• Hardware upgrade program
• Licensed technician network servicing North America

Analytics and Reporting

The Interface Proximity platform provides a custom dashboard of all valuable data points and can report on user behavior, location activity as well as campaign performance that involves notification and messaging. In addition collected data can be visualized live in reporting tools like Tableau. The integration of proximity based location awareness of the consumer combined with their interests and purchase behavior creates a wealth of valuable data points.

Analytical Highlights

  • Visitor Dwell Time per location (store/venue)
  • Visitor Dwell Time per area (entry/department)
  • Visits by Time of Day
  • Visits by Location
  • Loyalty and Visit Frequencies
  • Notifications Sent/Clicked/Converted
  • Conversion Rate

Notifications and Messaging

The Interface Proximity Campaign Manager allows the user to create a wide range of campaign types, such as: Text, Image, Video, Mobile Offer, Coupons and Surveys. Campaigns can be scheduled ahead of time and instant real-time conversion data is available in the detail screen.

Campaign Manager Highlights

  • Advanced scheduling
  • Campaign performance dashboard
  • Beacon, areas (entry/department) and geo-fence targets
  • Audience qualifiers
  • Behavior qualifiers
  • Mobile Offer redemption insights (without POS integration)
  • API ready for integration with other content managers or external data sources (coupons)
  • Responsive design can be used via a web page, tablet or mobile phone page 

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Schematic Overview of the Interaction Between the Retailer and Consumer

Retail Analytics, In-store Analytics, Customer Tracking

• 46% of all consumers like to receive personalized notifications.
• 84% of all shoppers with a mobile phone use their phone while in the store.
• 91% of all push notifications are read immediately.
• .07% of printed coupons are converted for in-store purchases.
• 37% of digital coupons, or offers, are converted for in-store purchases.

– Source: SalesForce exacttarget marketing cloud, 2014 mobile behavior report.


Strategies can be deployed over time and are measurable on their effectiveness, while being refined and adjusted to enable optimal and precise results. Real-time analytical data is combined with historical data to create meaningful visual representations that are understandable and actionable for both on-floor managers and upper management. Interface Proximity has highest regard for consumer privacy and obtains user permission for retailer specific rewards programs.


Interface Proximity enables an instant marketing campaign toolset for any size company in the retail and hospitality segments. Interface Proximity provides companies a mobile platform to deploy advanced user retention and acquisition campaigns and offers years of consumer loyalty expertise.


Use the Interface Proximity toolset to completely automate intelligent engagement with consumers in the form of messages, offers and other relevant notifications, based on contextual information such as: historical behavior, opportunity value, the time of day, location and the consumers’ individual and personal notification settings.

Most Fitting Individual

The Interface Proximity campaign manager will only interact with individuals who are likely to benefit.

Best Engagement Format

The Interface Proximity campaign manager can engage individuals via a variety of notifications and updates.

Personalized Marketing

Interface Proximity processes advanced data to provide the best possible communication with the consumer.

Retail In-store Analytics Customer Tracking

Future Setting

Interface Proximity supports the latest innovations in customer engagement including optical recognition of product to provide message context, video delivery to the user screen based on context, and mobile pay.

Best Timing

The Interface Proximity campaign manager will consider date and time to ensure the highest yield on engagement.

Most Relevant Location

The Interface Proximity campaign manager uses GPS, geo-fences and proximity beacons (BLE) for best possible location specifics.

Personalized Consumer Benefits and Advanced Retail Advantages

Detailed shop behavior of individual consumers is anonymously crowd-sourced and analyzed in real-time to enable the automation of deployment and optimization of marketing campaigns.