Virtual Guard Security Services

Interactive Video Monitoring:

Deter crime, reduce shrink, and protect lives 24 hours a day.

Business Security Systems

With the Interface Interactive suite of video monitoring services, Interface becomes an on-site security guard. Interface security staff can see, hear and communicate with employees in your retail stores, restaurants or hotels. Interface can make public announcements during times of particular exposure, such as store openings, closings and cash drops, often preventing crime before it happens. Employees can also trigger an alarm if an event occurs and get an immediate response from a live person who can assess the situation. The solution is uniquely designed to deter criminal activity.  With Interface Interactive, your employees and customers will know a powerful security presence is always monitoring with interactive capabilities.

Interface Central Command Center.

Interface’s 24/7/365 command center is at the heart of Interface’s digital video surveillance services. Interface Security Systems currently monitors well over one million devices across North America and responds to more than 6 million events every year. Our highly trained Intervention Specialists in our Central Command Center manage a high volume of inbound and outbound connections using the latest integrated communication technologies to ensure maximum audio and video quality. When an alarm is triggered, real time video, images, sound and site information are transmitted to our Intervention Specialists in the command center. If an alarm event is triggered, they’ll notify authorities or respond with a predetermined set of protocols.

To date, millions of interactive responses have been handled with 98% of those cases resolved without dispatching police, virtually eliminating false alarms and the associated fines.

Our Interactive Video Monitoring Services include:

  • Video Verification
  • Rapid Response
  • Virtual Guard Services
  • Remote Guard Tours
  • Escorts

Video Verification.

When an alarm is triggered our Intervention Specialist analyzes your location using existing video surveillance equipment to verify the cause of the alarm. If a suspicious event occurs we’ll notify authorities and police will be dispatched. Police respond faster when they know an alarm is verified.  Verification also means you won’t incur false alarm fees. Meantime, our Intervention Specialist will also notify your company contact and advise about the situation.

Video Verification

Security Systems Rapid Response

Rapid Response.

Interface Security Systems Rapid Response utilizes two-way audio communications coupled with digital video surveillance. This allows our Intervention Specialist to assist remotely in emergency situations. When an alarm is triggered or suspicious activity is discovered, by conducting a remote tour, Interface’s trained Intervention Specialists will respond immediately. We notify the location that activity is being monitored and recorded. This removes the need for employees to engage in high-risk situations. Requests for assistance/intervention can be activated through the push of a panic button, wireless pendant, contact break or a motion detector. When necessary the Intervention Specialist will notify authorities and your responsible party contact.

Virtual Guard™ Services.

Intervention Specialists perform like virtual security guards watching over your business and responding immediately as required. They conduct tours of your location, escort employees on and off the premises and ensure the security of your business 24/7 all for a fraction of the cost of a live on site security guard.

Retail Security Systems, Virtual Guard, Interactive Video Monitoring, Business Security, Video surveillance

Retail Security Systems, Virtual Guard, Interactive Video Monitoring, Business Security, Video surveillance

Remote Guard Tours.

Remote tours can be conducted on a scheduled or random basis. This service notifies loiterers, unwanted patrons and potential criminals that all activity is being monitored and recorded. The random and periodic nature of these tours helps deter criminal activity and internal theft. Customers who use Interface’s Remote Tour Service have seen reduced inventory shrinkage, cash shortages, and higher sales.


Escorts are a second set of eyes and ears for your business when employees move from one vulnerable location to another. Interface will serve as a virtual guard to your employees as they open or close a location or as a chaperone for employees moving to and from high security areas. Video Escorts can also be used for outdoor security to remotely accompany employees to their cars and off the premises.

Business Security Systems, Virtual Guard, Interactive Video Monitoring and surveillance