Chad Leedy
Chad Leedy

VP of Franchise Development

How Digital Transformation Can Open Doors for Retail Cybersecurity Attacks


Retailers are Investing in Digital Transformation

Retailers have either implemented digital transformation initiatives or are in the process of implementing digital transformation projects.


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With Interface, retail chains can improve security, eliminate operational complexity and focus on innovation.

About the author

Chad Leedy
Chad Leedy

VP of Franchise Development

Chad Leedy, VP Managed Network Sales at Interface, has more than 20 years of experience in technology and cybersecurity, working to protect some of the largest brands in the retail and restaurant industries. His personal experience as a small business owner has put him in a position to understand the unique challenges and risks entrepreneurs face in today’s business climate. Chad leads a team of professionals who ensure that businesses are equipped with the most comprehensive network, compliance, and security solutions in the market.

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