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Leverage Interface’s proven, managed services for restaurant brands and franchisees to get enhanced safety and security, gain actionable insights, and future-proof network and voice connectivity.

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Dramatic changes in consumer demands and preferences are creating new opportunities for restaurant chains to recalibrate how they interact with guests and employees.

The Interface suite of managed solutions are designed to help restaurant chains improve their operating margins by unifying security, analytics, network, and communications, offering greater flexibility to deliver new services and reducing costs by consolidating services with a single, monthly, flat-rate invoice.

Business Security

Expanding drive-thrus and curbside services, heightened expectations about safety, and the need to offer employees a secure work environment are critical challenges restaurants must address. Interface can help.

Deploy Modern Security Solutions

Restaurant brands, especially those with franchise models are often saddled with disparate security products making loss prevention a nightmare.

Upgrade to the Latest Alarm & Access Control Systems

Legacy alarms and access control solutions increase operational complexity for restaurants.

Graduate to Interactive Remote Monitoring

Traditional CCTV and remote monitoring services are not enough to cater to the expanded threat scenarios that restaurant chains face.

Learn about Virtual Guards

Streamline Business Security Operations

Multiple security vendors result in inconsistent security policies, increased vendor management overheads, and a lack of accountability when things go wrong.

Eliminate Solution Silos

One of the biggest drawbacks of legacy restaurant security solutions is the lack of data in a usable form and no option to integrate systems.

Leverage the Latest Camera Technologies

Legacy security cameras miss out on the capabilities offered by contemporary cameras and may have outdated designs.

Business Intelligence

Restaurants need insights on effectiveness of drive-thrus, dine-in customer preferences, speed of service, and complete visibility on cleanliness and safety compliance. Interface’s business intelligence solutions can unlock critical customer and operational insights so restaurants can take proactive actions to leapfrog the competition.

Elevate Customer Experience

Restaurant chains find it challenging to objectively measure customer service gaps, service times, and employee productivity.

Clamp Down on Internal Theft and Revenue Leakages

Poor cash handling, coupon or transaction frauds, and revenue leakages due to poor training are serious challenges confronting restaurant brands.

Accelerate Investigations

Locating videos related to security events from different locations is a complex and cumbersome process for restaurant loss prevention teams.

Improve Compliance

Poor compliance hurts restaurant brands as safety and hygiene have become critical factors for customers choosing to dine out or order in.

Purpose-Built Managed Network & Voice

Restaurants need the network capacity to roll out technology solutions that deliver greater safety and convenience to customers and offer employees seamless access to critical data at all times. Interface has the ability to not only address current network challenges but also innovate to deliver a future-proof solution that scales.

Ensure High Network Availability

Opening new restaurant locations and extending connectivity for drive-thru operations are often held hostage by patchy connectivity and a lack of adequate bandwidth.

Easily Handle Network Workloads

Networks designed for backhauling traffic through a central data center cannot keep pace with the massive shift to cloud-based restaurant workloads.

Plug Network Security loopholes

Traditional hub and spoke network models no longer meet the security needs of complex restaurant networks with multi-cloud applications, sensors, and endpoints at numerous restaurant locations.

Simplify WiFi and Switch Management

Deploying WiFi access points and switches at all locations, and keeping the hardware updated is cumbersome for restaurant IT teams.

Stay PCI Compliant

Ensuring every restaurant location is PCI compliant is a challenging task for restaurants grappling with digital transformation initiatives and high employee turnover.

Upgrade Outdated Phone Lines

Legacy phone solutions were never meant to handle phone orders at scale and employees may be too busy to attend to phone orders resulting in lost sales.

Explore Our Case Studies


The Old Spaghetti Factory

OSF chooses Interface to improve network uptime and reduce cost of securing locations.

MOD Pizza

Interface helps MOD Pizza cut alarm costs by 95% and subscriptions costs by 15% at 420+ locations.
Pressed case study


Interface deploys suite of managed services at 100+ Pressed stores to revamp IT infrastructure, improve security, and gain operational insights, while reducing store operations costs by 50%.
Salata case study


Interface helped Salata uncover critical business insights about customer preferences and improve employee productivity.

Interface Delivers Results for Restaurant Chains

70 %

reduction in false alarm costs

60 %

reduction in guard cost

10 %

reduction in shrink

79 %

network uptime

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Download the 6 Restaurant Loss Prevention Solutions to Evaluate for 2023 Budget

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Meet Our Experts

Our experts have hands-on experience in helping restaurant chains and multi-brand franchises streamline operations and become competitive.

Bud Homeyer

Chief Operations Officer

Bud Homeyer leads all operations functions, including customer support, service delivery, supply chain, and field operations at Interface. Bud previously served as Interface’s Executive Vice President of Enterprise Solutions and has a proven track record of solving complex enterprise-wide challenges to drive growth, productivity, and profitability. Prior to Interface, Homeyer held several senior leadership positions at large brands like Michaels, Brinker, and Bank of America.
jim-mack 1

Jim Mack

VP Products & Solutions

Jim Mack leads all the product innovation initiatives at Interface. He brings over 25 years of experience spanning IT, POS, and video monitoring and has enabled digital transformation for many restaurant and retail brands. Jim has deep expertise in solutions engineering, operations, and R&D and is passionate about leveraging technology to solve problems for customers.

Chad Leedy

VP, Franchise Development

Chad Leedy has more than 20 years of experience in technology and cybersecurity and has worked to protect and connect some of the largest brands in the restaurant industry. His personal experience as a small business owner puts him in a position to understand the unique challenges and risks entrepreneurs and restauranteurs face in today’s business climate. Chad leads a team of professionals who ensure that restaurants and franchisees are equipped with the most comprehensive security, analytics, network, and compliance solutions in the market.

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