Managed Firewall Services to Secure Your Business

Protect your company and customer data across all your locations without the IT overhead. Interface will procure, install, and manage next-gen firewalls and enforce security policies to align with your business growth.

Managed Firewall Services Overview

Why You Need Managed Firewall Services

Legacy Firewalls Need to Be Replaced

Multi-location businesses find it hard to meet rapidly growing bandwidth requirements via outdated firewall devices at branch locations. This has a cascading effect on employee productivity and customer experience at the branch locations. Upgrading firewall devices is also a major challenge accentuated by supply chain bottlenecks.

In-House Firewall Maintenance is Challenging

Enforcing security policies consistently, keeping track of new updates to the firewall configuration, updating diverse firewall hardware with security patches, troubleshooting hardware issues and liasioning with OEMs add to IT complexity and increased cost of operations.

Managed Firewall Services You Can Depend On

Upgrade to our managed firewall services to minimize network security loopholes at the branches and deploy new applications or endpoint devices seamlessly.

A Single Vendor to Take Charge of Network Security

Eliminate the need to manage a mixed inventory of firewall hardware across locations or deal with a confusing mix of hardware maintenance contracts. Interface will take complete responsibility for keeping connectivity up and secure.

Centralized Firewall Security Orchestration

Just communicate planned application or endpoint usage changes to Interface, and we will ensure that new security policies are rolled out at all locations without requiring any manual work.

Unified Threat Management (UTM)

Benefit from a comprehensive suite of security capabilities such as malware filtering, virus scans, real-time intrusion prevention, and web filtering- configured to meet your security needs.

Launch New Applications Confidently

Innovate fearlessly, launch new applications or roll out new endpoints to grow your business. We will take care of all the security orchestration and compliance needs seamlessly.

Centralized Maintenance and Unified Support

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a dedicated team of security professionals responsible for ongoing firewall performance monitoring. Minimize involvement of in-house IT teams to fix hardware issues or get a replacement in.

Our Turnkey Solution Enables Centralized Firewall Management for Proactive Security

Secure All Traffic

Secure local and cloud transactions originating at all locations, corporate resources accessed by branches, and remote workers logging in to access branch resources.

Enforce Access Controls

Block any attempts by employees or partners to bypass security policies, and align access to critical network resources and apps to specific roles and devices. Enforce advanced multi-factor authentication based on need.

Leverage NGFW Capabilities

Deploy Next-Generation Firewalls (NGFW) to gain better protection from evolving malware and threats. With access to real-time threat intelligence, Interface will shut the door on new attacks even before they are attempted.

Stay Updated Always

Let Interface take care of all the required software and hardware updates – install the latest features, remove unused features, update drivers, fix bugs, and apply security patches.

Seamlessly Secure All Branches

Find out how Interface can take away the burden of managing firewall devices at your locations and improve network security.

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