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Interface offers the industry’s most sophisticated remote video monitoring services backed by a proprietary technology platform, superior incident management, rapid response protocols, and an unmatched commitment to training the best remote intervention specialists in North America.

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Interface Remote Video Monitoring is a Game Changer

Interface’s remote video monitoring service runs on a proprietary technology platform that’s designed to deliver interactive monitoring with immersive 360-degree situational awareness for our intervention specialists. This makes a big difference for employees at the business locations being secured.

Intervention Specialists at iSOCs

Employees at Stores & Restaurants

Interactive Remote Video Monitoring

Interface offers truly interactive monitoring that allows our intervention specialists to see, hear, and speak with employees at the business locations being monitored. Customers have the choice to deploy full-fledged interactive monitoring with options to add or remove monitoring capabilities depending on the risk profile of their business locations.

Superior Monitoring Technology

Our interactive Security Operations Centers (iSOCs) run a proprietary remote video monitoring platform that’s purpose-built for streaming alarm, video, and audio along with standard escalation protocols applicable for every location. 

The Interface video monitoring platform standardizes data presentation and media controls for our intervention specialists irrespective of the alarm systems, video cameras, and recorders deployed at customer locations. Standardized remote views and navigation enable our teams to process critical information quickly and respond rapidly to security events.

360 Degrees Situational Awareness

Our intervention specialists have an unfair advantage – they can access immersive data that are typically a combination of video, alarm events, and audio. They not only have access to rich information but can go back in time to see what happened while viewing live footage.

Our remote monitoring teams can hop across multiple camera and audio zones at the location being monitored to piece together a vivid view of the situation. They are then trained to take the most relevant action to address the threat effectively.

Interface Video Monitoring Platform Works With Most Video Systems

Our proprietary video monitoring platform has been integrated with popular video and alarm systems used by multi-site, consumer-facing businesses such as restaurant chains and retail brands.

Industry Expertise

Setting a benchmark for remote video monitoring is not an easy task. Our focus on technical innovation, process optimization, and extensive training for over 25 years has laid the foundation for our suite of advanced business security solutions. Here are six reasons Interface’s interactive remote video monitoring service is in a league of its own.

Interface Interactive Remote Video Monitoring
Remote Video Monitoring by Competitors
Extensive Training
Intervention specialists go through a rigorous training program spanning months before they are deployed.
Limited Training
Reliant on employees at customer locations to decide what assistance is needed.
Live & Recorded Video
Advanced remote video platform with multiple video substreams with the ability to view recorded and live streams for greater situational awareness.
Recorded Video
Dependence on recorded video clips to review security events.
Advanced Video Streaming
Enforces high standards for configuring video streams and bandwidth allocation for maximum coverage and redundancy.
Basic Video Streaming
Limited requirement as the focus is on leveraging available video systems.
Audio Monitoring & Voice-Downs
Scalable to include audio monitoring and automated or on-demand voice-downs to minimize police dispatches.
Video Monitoring Only
Unidimensional solution with no supporting audio input. Results in limited situational awareness and intervention options.
Network & Storage Expertise
Deep expertise in designing scalable networks and provisioning bandwidth to support high-quality video streaming and storing evidence-grade recordings.
Dependence on Third-Party Providers
Network and data storage expertise is usually provided by a third-party service provider adding to implementation complexity below par outcomes.
Optimized Process Automation
Purpose-built security event handling and workflows that work seamlessly with most commercial video management systems deployed at customer locations.
Off-The-Shelf Automation
Monitoring centers that rely on off-the-shelf workflow tools may not be able to guarantee rapid responses or offer critical information needed to resolve a security event.
MOD Pizza case study

MOD Pizza

Interface helps MOD Pizza cut alarm costs by 95% and subscription costs by 15% at 420+ locations.

WKS video verified alarm case study

WKS Restaurant Group

WKS Restaurant Group rolls out Interface’s virtual guard services across 394 restaurants to offer significantly better security coverage while reducing costs by as much as 85%.

What Can Interactive Remote Video Monitoring Do For You

Virtual Security Guard Services

Secure your business locations with trained virtual guards who can see, hear, and speak to your employees. Your employees will have 24X7 access to trained security professionals who respond with voice-downs or call law enforcement.

Intelligent Voice-Down

Deploy our autonomous monitoring solution that can electronically “see” what’s happening and respond immediately with calibrated warning messages and visual cues to demonstrate surveillance or imminent police action.

Video-Verified Alarm

Deploy our autonomous monitoring solution that can electronically “see” what’s happening and respond immediately with calibrated warning messages and visual cues to demonstrate surveillance or imminent police action.

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