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Secure your business locations with trained virtual guards who can see, hear and speak to people being monitored and have complete situational awareness of what’s happening on your property.

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How Virtual Security Guards Can Help

Virtual security guard services can cut down on guard costs by as much as 90% while offering superior security and outcomes.

Remote Guard Tours

Activate scheduled and unscheduled virtual guard tours to identify trespassers, vagrancy, shoplifting attempts, or compliance issues such as blocked exits or unattended spills.

Video Verification of Alarm

Every alarm event is visually verified by virtual guards to rule out false alarms and offer valuable information about the alarm event to law enforcement and key staff members.

Opening & Closing Security Escorts

Every time your business location is opened or closed, our virtual guards will be on the scene via live video and audio to ensure your team members arrive and depart safely.


Our virtual guards can proactively perform scheduled or unscheduled virtual walk-throughs of your business locations and deliver voice-downs to evict vagrants, and warn people engaged in suspicious or aggressive behavior.

AI-Based Anti-Loitering

Proactively monitor the perimeter of a store after business hours to stop vagrancy and vandalism. Use AI-enabled IP cameras to detect people or vehicles and play customizable pre-recorded warning messages.

Operational Audits

Virtual security guards can extend monitoring services to observe, record, and report operational issues and compliance gaps with video or photographic evidence.

On-Demand Monitoring

From cash movement to stocking routines inside the business and in the perimeter, employees at any location can request remote monitoring support from our virtual guards to ensure safety and compliance.

World-Class Monitoring Centers Designed to Offer Complete Situational Awareness

Our iSOC

Interface’s virtual guards operate from TMA 5 Diamond-rated Interactive Security Operations Centers (iSOCs) in the US and are trained to use our advanced interactive monitoring technologies to protect people and assets.

Interactive Technologies

Unlike video surveillance, interactive video monitoring leverages security cameras along with strategically placed microphones, speaker units, phones and panic buttons at the locations being remotely monitored. Interactive monitoring allows trained virtual security guards to see, hear and directly speak to employees if needed. Employees at the location also have the option to initiate a voice conversation using designated phones or emergency buttons.

Virtual Guards Can Be Game Changers for Loss Prevention

Get 24x7x365 Security Coverage

Gain Complete Situational Awareness

Keep Out Trespassers

Protect Assets and Track Cash Movement

Get Purpose-Built Network to Support Video Surveillance

Enforce Compliance Protocols

Upgrade to Advanced Business Intelligence Capabilities

Reduce Shrink and Theft

Virtual Guard Services Is Better

For multi-location enterprises, employing security guards can burn through the asset protection and loss prevention budgets. In addition to the 90% cost reduction, enterprises can secure their people and assets much better with virtual security guards.
Security guards

Security Guards

Interface's virtual security guards

Virtual Security Guards

Get Started Easily and Add Advanced Virtual Guard Services When You Need Them

Getting started with virtual guard services is easy. Our solution engineers will do a comprehensive security audit and choose from various capabilities. Our layered approach to security allows us to create something that’s truly made for your business.
Service Feature
Virtual Guard
Virtual Guard - Enhanced Most Popular
Video Verified Alarms
Intrusion Alarm Monitoring
Interactive live video and two-way audio monitoring
Number of Video Cameras
Up to 8
Up to 64
Number of Audio Zones
Up to 8
Number of Microphones
Up to 8
Intervention Phone
Opening & Closing Security Escorts
Incident Reports with Snapshot Pictures
Remote Guard Tour
Scheduled Announcements
Operational Compliance Audits
Operational Compliance Interventions

Find Out How Much You Can Save with Virtual Guard

Savings in first year*


Savings in second year


* Year 1 includes the one-time cost of installation and equipment for the Virtual Guard system.

Upgrade to Virtual Security Guards

Find out how remote monitoring by trained security professionals can be a game-changer for asset protection teams.

WKS Restaurant Group Upgrades Physical Security with Virtual Guard Services

WKS Restaurant Group rolls out Interface’s Virtual Guard services across 394 restaurants to offer significantly better security coverage while reducing costs by as much as 85%.

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