Improve your customer engagement and grow revenue with our actionable location-based insights on customer behavior and area utilization

Fully managed advanced proximity solutions

We partner with Igniteble/Prism, a fully integrated business intelligence solutions platform that integrates a number of proprietary and third party technologies (GPS, Wi-Fi, BLE proximity sensors, cameras, etc.) to deliver actionable location-based insights and improve customer engagement.

As a managed service, we guarantee optimal beacon and camera calibration and deployment with hardware monitoring and maintenance. Our turn-key service supports highly cost-effective deployments for large retail chains, restaurants, and B2C industries.

Watch how our Proximity solution improved customer experience for NASCAR fans!

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Easy set up and service

• Hassle-free setup, organization and monitoring

• Remote management via 24/7 service centers

• Service level guarantees

• Hardware upgrade program

• Licensed technician network

Detailed analytics and reporting

Our managed proximity platform provides a custom dashboard of all valuable data points and can report on user behavior, location activity as well as campaign performance with advanced notification and messaging. In addition, collected data can be visualized live in reporting tools like Tableau. The integration of proximity based location awareness of the consumer combined with their interests and purchasing behavior creates a wealth of actionable insights.

Actionable insights

  • Visitor dwell time per location
  • Visitor dwell time per area within a location
  • Visits by time of day
  • Loyalty and visit frequencies
  • Notifications sent/clicked/converted
  • Conversion rate
Interface Business Intelligence

Real-time notifications and conversion metrics

Our Proximity Campaign Manager allows you to create a wide range of campaign types such as text, image, video, mobile offers, coupons and surveys. Campaigns can be scheduled ahead of time and deliver real-time conversion data metrics to floor managers and executive management.

Interface Business Intelligence

Advanced campaign management

  • Intuitive campaign performance dashboard
  • Configurable beacons and geo-fence targets
  • Audience and behavior qualifiers
  • Advanced scheduling options
  • Mobile offer redemption insights
  • API integration with content managers or external data sources like coupons



Improve customer engagement with real-time insights

Interface Business Intelligence

Automate contextual engagement

Automate intelligent engagement with consumers in the form of messages, offers and other relevant notifications, based on contextual information such as historical behavior, opportunity value, the time of day, location and the consumers’ individual and personal notification settings.

Enable turnkey marketing campaigns

Launch an instant marketing campaign toolset for acquisition, engagement, and user retention. Easily automate the deployment and optimization of campaigns. Detailed shopping behavior of individual consumers can be anonymously crowd-sourced and analyzed in real-time.

Contextual Engagement

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