Fire Alarm Systems for Comprehensive Protection

Secure your people and assets with a fully managed, AHJ-compliant, commercial fire alarm system designed and engineered by our NICET-certified team. Get proactive remote fire alarm monitoring 24X7X365 and certification support nationwide.

Fire alarm system overview

Why You Need Fire Alarm Systems from Interface

Code Compliance Is Complex for Multi-Location Businesses

When you have business locations across county and state lines, ensuring every location meets the fire code defined by the authority having jurisdiction is a major challenge. The differences in regulations have a cascading effect on procuring all the required hardware and enforcing maintenance protocols as needed.

Fire Alarm Vendor Management Is Cumbersome

A fire alarm system includes a wide range of hardware components, the associated design, and monitoring capabilities. Vendor management can easily spiral out of control when businesses end up choosing service providers who specialize only in solving a subset of the overall solution.

Legacy Fire Alarms Are Expensive to Maintain

Fire alarm solutions that rely on legacy sensors and phone line connectivity require a significant investment in terms of maintenance and higher cost of ongoing operations. Many vendors are sunsetting support for these devices and businesses that have not yet upgraded are in real danger of falling behind in terms of code compliance and safety norms.

Switch to a Turnkey Fire Alarm Solution

Interface offers a turnkey fire alarm solution that enables multi-location businesses to roll out a code-compliant fire alarm without the complexity of dealing with multiple vendors.

Simplify Fire Alarm Management

Customers can confidently address fire hazards and safety risks with a simple pricing plan and a flat-rate monthly maintenance fee.

Upgrade to Cellular Fire Alarm Communicators

Still relying on legacy fire alarm communicators with 2G/3G or POTS connectivity? Upgrade your fire alarms to the latest 5G/LTE technology.

Interface Comprehensively Manages Fire Alarm Implementation and Monitoring

Get turnkey fire alarm solutions designed to address fire risks and minimize administrative overheads for your loss prevention teams.
Fire hazard and risk assessment

Fire Hazard & Risk Assessment

Fire alalrm system design

Fire Alarm System Design

Fire alarm implementation and certification

Implementation & Certification

Fire alarm monitoring & maintenance

Fire Alarm Monitoring & Maintenance

Five Diamond Rated Security Operation Centers for Fire Monitoring

Interface’s interactive Security Operation Centers are staffed by a trained team of intervention specialists who can proactively evaluate the situation and take the best course of action to save lives and protect assets.

What’s Monitored by Interface

Why Interface for Fire Alarm Services?

Get predictable outcomes with a flat-rate monthly invoice that greatly enhances the ability of security teams to manage costs and improve fire safety.

Interface maximizes the ROI of commercial fire alarm systems by minimizing a “rip and replace” approach to alarm design and implementation.
Unhappy with your fire alarm service provider and too many vendors to deal with? Interface can take over the maintenance and fire alarm monitoring of select fire alarm systems.
Interface has strategic partnerships with leading fire alarm equipment vendors. Our customers benefit from our relationships as we have priority access to support and insights into product roadmaps and new technologies.

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Upgrade to a Hassle-Free Commercial Fire Alarm Installation and Monitoring

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