Fire Alarm Systems for Comprehensive Protection

Secure your people and assets with a fully managed, AHJ compliant, commercial fire alarm system designed and engineered by a NICET certified team. Get proactive remote fire alarm monitoring 24X7X365 and certification support nationwide.

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managed intrusion alarm system

Fire Alarm Systems for Comprehensive Protection

Secure your people and assets with a fully managed, AHJ compliant, commercial fire alarm system designed and engineered by a NICET certified team. Get proactive remote fire alarm monitoring 24X7X365 and certification support nationwide.

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Why Switch Your Fire Alarm System to Interface

The Interface Managed fire alarm system is a turnkey solution that offers multi-location businesses the ability to roll out a code-compliant fire alarm system without the complexity of dealing with multiple vendors. Customers can confidently address fire hazards and safety risks with a straightforward pricing plan and a flat-rate monthly maintenance fee.

Interface Comprehensively Manages Fire Alarm Implementation and Monitoring

“With Interface, we finally managed to overcome frequent false fire alarms that caused significant disruptions to our business. Certification is now a breeze and their monitoring and maintenance teams are always responsive to our needs.”

Director of Safety, National Large Retailer

Five Diamond Rated Central Station for Fire Monitoring

Interface’s central fire alarm monitoring station is staffed by a trained team of intervention specialists who can proactively evaluate the situation and take the best course of action to save lives and protect assets.

  • Wiring for all alarm circuits

  • Contacts for primary and secondary power supply

  • Smoke detectors, heat detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, gas detectors
  • Micro switches, kitchen hood fire protection panel
  • Releasing panel of clean agent systems for alarm, supervisory and trouble signals
  • Pump controllers and the valves and switches on the pump manifold
  • Electric and diesel pumps

  • Water pressure switches, air pressure switches on dry systems trim

  • Area of Refuge (AOR)
  • Water tank level switches and temperature sensors
  • Tamper switches on the control valves
  • Fuel levels for diesel fire pumps
  • Pre-action sprinkler systems, foam suppression, deluge systems

Upgrade to Cellular Fire Alarm Communicators

Still relying on legacy fire alarm communicators with 2G or POTS connectivity? Upgrade your fire alarms to the latest 5G/LTE technology

  • Eliminate expensive leased line costs

  • Future-proof your alarm system
  • Plug and play installation
  • Fast data transfer to central monitoring station
  • Over-the-air communicator firmware updates
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Why Interface for Fire Alarm Services?

Our turnkey approach to intrusion alarm implementation and ongoing maintenance delivers predictable outcomes with a flat-rate monthly invoice that greatly enhances the ability of asset protection teams to manage costs and accelerate digital transformation.

Focus on Value Engineering

Interface maximizes the ROI of commercial fire alarm system by minimizing “rip and replace” approach to alarm design and implementation.

  • Utilize existing wiring if they are of good quality

  • Reuse conduit paths by installing new devices on the same line
  • Reuse UL listed compatible equipment with Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP)
  • Reuse UL listed notification system with new power supplies or FACP
  • Evaluate maintenance support bottlenecks upfront when reusing components

Seamless Alarm Services Takeover

Unhappy with your fire alarm service provider and too many vendors to deal with? Interface can take over the maintenance and fire alarm monitoring of select fire alarm systems.

  • Complete monitoring and maintenance takeover

  • Transition monitoring and notification protocols
  • Identify sources of service issues and suggest improvements
  • Upgrade wiring, components, and sensors on a need basis
  • Help secure AHJ certifications

Partnerships with Leading Fire Alarm Equipment Companies

Interface has strategic partnerships with leading fire alarm equipment vendors. Our customers benefit from our relationships as we have priority access to support and insights into product roadmaps and new technologies.

The Honeywell family of fire alarm systems, namely – Silent Knight, Fire Lite, and Frenhyt, are designed to protect a wide range of sites and recognized by most AHJ.

DMP fire alarm solutions are designed to address the fire protection needs of small sites and customers looking to implement a combination of a fire and burglar alarm solutions.

Edwards offers solutions like the iO and EST fire safety product lines suitable for small sites and large or complex installations.

Upgrade to a Hassle-Free Commercial Fire Alarm Installation and Monitoring

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Frequently Asked Questions

When is a fire alarm system required in a commercial building?

A fire alarm system requirement is based on the building size, whether it has a fire sprinkler system, the occupancy classification of the building, the occupant load of the building, number of floors in the building, and the occupancy load in each floor.

How does Interface install fire alarm systems for multi-location businesses such as retail or restaurant chains?

Interface evaluates every location individually to understand fire risks and the local fire regulations defined by the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) as there is no nationwide AHJ standard. Based on this evaluation, Interface will design and install a fire alarm system that best addresses these risks and meets or exceeds the AHJ regulations. Interface technicians are located in most major cities and counties across the United States for ongoing service and maintenance of fire alarm systems.

When is fire alarm monitoring required?

Fire alarm system monitoring is required in all buildings that require a fire alarm system or fire sprinkler monitoring system. Single and multi-station smoke alarms in single-family homes are not required to be monitored.

How does fire alarm monitoring work?

The fire alarm panel reports its alarm, trouble, supervisory signals to the supervising monitoring station/ central station that receives the signal from the panel. These signals get dispatched from the supervising agent to the fire department, alarm service company, and owner that the fire alarm system. If the fire control panel is in alarm mode, the fire department will roll trucks to the property.

What are the pros and cons of wired and wireless commercial alarms?

Advantages of a wired fire alarm system:
– Relatively stable system
– Fewer battery faults
– Fewer service calls
– Faster programming
– Faster test times
– Fewer false alarms
– Lower equipment cost. Wired fire alarms cost about three times less than a wireless alarm device

Disadvantages of a fire wired alarm:
– Possibility of ground faults
– More costly install due to added wire cost and labor to install the wire

Advantages of a wireless fire alarm system:
– Labor-saving installation
– Faster troubleshooting for service
– No ground faults
– Suitable for retrofitted or historical buildings where pulling wire will be difficult
– Avoid digging trenches and repaving asphalt or concrete to monitor sprinkler valves located outside the building.

Disadvantages of a wireless fire wired alarm
– Frequent battery faults and mandatory battery replacement every year
– Repetitive service calls
– Loss of wireless signal
– Additional cost for programming and signal testing
– Longer test times
– More frequent false alarms
– Higher equipment cost. Wireless fire alarm devices are about three times the cost of wired devices.
– Additional devices needed for communication and programming

Can Interface take over the ongoing monitoring and maintenance of any fire alarm system?

Interface can take over the maintenance and monitoring of fire alarm systems that include components manufactured by the following vendors – Silent Knight, Fire-Lite, Farenhyt, Honeywell Vista, DMP, EST, & Bosch. We are unable to take over the maintenance and service of proprietary fire alarm systems such as those installed by Simplex, Notifier, Siemans, Gamewell, FCI, Faraday, to name a few.