Managed Connectivity Services to Optimize Application Performance

Bring any new location online or upgrade connectivity at your existing locations. Interface will take complete responsibility for delivering optimized and reliable bandwidth for all critical applications to keep your employees productive and customers happy.

Managed Connectivity Services Overview

Connectivity Issues Can Stifle Growth Plans


Connectivity Bottlenecks Hurts Business

Not having reliable internet connectivity brings down employee productivity and negatively impacts customer experience at any location. Employees end up troubleshooting network issues instead of serving customers.

Managing Connectivity Providers is a Challenge

Scouting for bandwidth providers, negotiating contracts, purchasing network hardware, handling renewals, and troubleshooting network issues can become overwhelming for multi-location operators taking focus away from running the business.

Fragmented Vendors Can Derail Digital Transformation Initiatives

Not knowing which service provider is responsible for poor network performance and the complexity of bringing all vendors on the same page for new initiatives can hamper the rollout of any transformation initiatives.

Managed Connectivity You Can Count On

Upgrade to our managed connectivity solution to eliminate bandwidth bottlenecks, reduce IT operation complexity, and gain the confidence to increase uptime at existing locations and rapidly expand to new locations.

A Single Vendor Who Takes Complete Responsibility

Stop working the phone lines to find out which vendor will take responsibility for connectivity issues and downtime. Interface will take complete responsibility for keeping connectivity up and running.

Launch New Locations on Time Every Time

Get confirmed “go-live” dates and build out your launch plans without second-guessing network availability. Start customer transactions on day one.

Gain Complete Visibility on Network Status

Access our online customer portal to view the health and status of connectivity at all locations along with progress made in resolving support tickets with carriers.

Set Up Operations Anywhere in North America

Launch new locations anywhere in the US and Canada. Interface is carrier agnostic and has relationships with all major carriers to facilitate connectivity.

Leverage Wireless WAN to Your Advantage

Get wireless WAN connectivity for pop-up kiosks and new stores without waiting for terrestrial connections to go online. Leverage wireless WAN as a primary or a backup connection.

Lower Connectivity

Get cost-effective, carrier-agnostic, pooled data plans and flat-rate pricing to keep costs under control.

Explore Managed Connectivity Services

Interface’s business-ready managed connectivity solution leverages local bandwidth providers and cellular carriers to offer reliable QoE (quality of experience) and secure connectivity with guaranteed SLAs and flat-rate pricing.

Our comprehensive managed services include:

Identify connectivity gaps and requirements

Network Assessment

Identify tasks needed to provide connectivity at all locations

Pre-Qualification of Locations

Sign contracts and supervise connectivity implementation

Circuit Order Management & Certification

Provide ongoing connectivity support

Ongoing Management and Support

Simplify Connectivity to Innovate Rapidly

Let Interface manage connectivity wherever you choose to do business so you can focus on growth.

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