Advanced loss prevention solutions with integrated video

Our fully managed POS exception reporting with video surveillance and alarm integration enables Loss Prevention professionals to quickly identify anomalies and identify and prevent shrink. Top offenders from thousands of employees doing millions of transactions can easily be bubbled up to the top.

Applications beyond Loss Prevention

People development: Store managers are able to review all transactional behavior and immediately address opportunity areas with employees

Comparing store performance: Visual dashboards quickly show how each store is performing compared to other stores in the region and to their prior month’s performance

Optimizing Store Efficiency: Quickly assess how many people are working per hour and total profitable transactions and revenue generated daily, weekly and monthly

Monitoring Intrusion Data: Easily monitor when stores are opened and closed, deliveries are made, cleaning is done, and whether the store is being remotely armed and disarmed

Tracking Cash: Track exactly how much currency is in the safe, when it was last counted, how petty cash spend was executed with scanned receipts for purchases.

POS Exception
Real time Management and Reporting
Backup Security
Business Analytics

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