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Managed intrusion alarm systems to secure the distributed enterprise

Protect your facilities and assets using scalable, intelligent and cost effective intrusion alarm systems with easy cloud-based management.

Managed intrusion alarm system to secure the distributed enterprise

Protect your facilities and assets using scalable, intelligent and cost effective managed intrusion alarm system with easy cloud-based management.

Why You Should Switch to a Managed Intrusion Alarm System

With an Interface Managed intrusion alarm system, businesses can roll out a sophisticated, networked intrusion alarm solution that can tackle a variety of intrusion events related to theft, burglary, to protect your facilities, safeguard inventory from damages and give employees a safe work environment.

We Partner with Leading Intrusion Detection Technology Companies

Interface can design a turnkey managed intrusion alarm solution forby seamlessly bringing together in-house design and monitoring expertise and leveraging next-generation hardware and software solutions offered by our partners.

Upgrade Your Intrusion Detection System
We will help you determine the ROI for rolling out a managed intrusion detection solution

Frequently Asked Questions

If the power goes out, does my intrusion detection system still work?2020-10-27T17:16:47+00:00

Yes, your system will continue to work on a battery backup. The length of backup time will vary by panel type.

Do you have to put holes in my walls to install a security system?2020-10-27T17:24:34+00:00

No, there are wireless systems available that don’t require physical wiring installation.

Can I view my cameras from my smartphone?2020-10-28T23:19:04+00:00

Yes, business owners can view their cameras from anywhere on their smartphones.

What if a criminal breaks the intrusion detection control panel?2020-10-30T23:02:58+00:00

Many alarm panels are built to be tamper-proof. Some security companies call this feature “Crash and Smash” protection. In the event that an intruder attempts to disable security by damaging the control panel, the control panel can be set to alert our monitoring center.

What happens if there is a false alarm?2021-01-21T00:04:09+00:00

Avoiding false alarms is important because alarms are noisy and false alarms often lead to fines. Penalties for false alarms vary by locale. In some cities the police and other emergency personnel charge hefty fines whenever they’re dispatched for a false alarm.

A couple of measures help protect against unneeded emergency response:

  1. By law an alarm company needs to give you 30 seconds to disable the alarm. To bypass the 30-second rule, you can add a panic button.
  2. If an alarm is triggered, you’ll have the opportunity to tell the monitoring company that no service is needed through a in-built voice communication system.

At Interface, we offer a comprehensive video verified alarm solution to proactively detect false alarms and save you the hassles of relying on your staff to disable alarms or paying hefty false alarm fines.

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