Managed Switches and WiFi for Seamless Connectivity

Deliver reliable and secure WiFi access at your branch locations-indoor and outdoors. Deploy managed switches and access points to manage connectivity to all critical applications and endpoints. Interface will take full responsibility for designing, procuring, installing and maintaining all your WiFi deployments and switches so you can focus on your business.

Managed Switches and WiFi Services Overview

Why You Need Managed Switches and WiFi

Creating a High-Performance Secure LAN is Complex

Consumer-facing businesses have to constantly validate new business concepts, try new layouts, or deploy new applications. These changes require secure connectivity at the location for diverse apps and end-points, properly segmented traffic, and expanded WiFi connectivity. Executing these changes in-house is time-consuming, inefficient, and expensive.

Troubleshooting WiFi Issues are Challenging

Multi-location consumer-facing businesses such as restaurants and retail chains rely on WiFi at the locations to keep employees productive and give customers access to the Internet. Troubleshooting WiFi issues is cumbersome as issues can arise due to poor design, diverse hardware across locations, and problems with local connectivity providers.

In-House Maintenance is Complex

Maintaining a diverse array of WiFi access points, routers, and switches across hundreds of locations, applying security patches, troubleshooting hardware issues and liasioning with OEMs add to IT complexity and increased cost of operations.

Managed WiFi and Switches for Seamless Branch Connectivity

Leverage our managed WiFi and switches to deploy secure and reliable connectivity at every location, optimize performance for critical applications, and bring online a new generation of IoT sensors without the operational complexity.

A Single Vendor to Take Charge of WiFi and Switches

Eliminate the need to manage a mixed inventory of WiFi hardware switches across locations or deal with a confusing mix of hardware maintenance contracts. Interface will take complete responsibility for keeping connectivity up and secure.

Centralized WiFi Orchestration

Allow us to scope your WiFi requirements inside and outside your locations. Interface will design, deploy, and certify WiFi performance anywhere you need. We will take care of SSID implementation for guest WiFi, troubleshooting WiFi issues remotely or send technicians to replace hardware as needed.

Comprehensive Switch Management

Get end-to-end switch management services that include the design, configuration, deployment, and maintenance of the right switches that enable the best performance for your applications. Interface can deploy Power over Ethernet (PoE) or non-PoE switches, 24 and 48 port switches depending on your requirement or use case.

Complete Maintenance and Unified Support

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a dedicated team of network professionals responsible for ongoing WiFi and switch performance monitoring. Minimize involvement of in-house IT teams to fix hardware issues or get a replacement in.

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