Infant Security System for Hospitals

Protect infants in healthcare facilities with smart mother-infant radio frequency RFID (radio frequency identification) tags and a comprehensive RTLS (real-time location solution).

Hospital staff, as well as remote security professionals, can get real-time alerts along with precise location information on the movement of tagged infants in unsecured areas and infants paired with the wrong parent.

Infant security system for hospitals

Infant Security That’s Easy to Deploy and Monitor

Interface’s infant security tags offer hospitals and birthing facilities the option to deploy intelligent tags quickly and activate real-time security that’s completely customized for the building.

For Newborns and Toddlers

Choose from three types of tags – Umbilical tags, Wrap tags, and Cut Band tags

Mother-Infant Pairing

Pair every infant tag with a mother tag to prevent mother-baby mismatch

Designed for Comfort

Offer superior comfort to infants with lightweight tags designed to minimize false alarms

Control Alarms and Doors

Integrate the infant security system with alarms and access control systems for real-time response

Centralized Tag Management and Tracking

The solution comprises feature-packed tag management and tracking application that’s installed at the healthcare facility and accessible via any connected device.

How the Infant Security System Works

The infant security system comprises three critical solution components – Infant tags with an option to be mapped to mother tags, exciters and readers for real-time tracking, and centralized application to create tag identity, view real-time location of tags, and manage alarms.

How the infant security system works using infant tags

Infant Security Tags for Every Use Case

Interface offers three types of infant security tags. The tags are designed to work reliably taking into consideration movements associated with normal infant care and offer superior waterproof ratings of IP66 and IP68.

Wrap Tags

Umbilical Tags

Cut Band Tags

Seamlessly Enhance Infant Security with Interface

Interface's interactive security operations center

Frequently Asked Questions

Deliver the Peace of Mind That New Parents Deserve

Talk to Interface to find out how your hospital or clinic can step up infant security without operational complexity.

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