Remote Audits to Drive Compliance

Leverage existing security cameras to enable Interface’s remote audit specialists to review key operations across all your locations. Analyze audit observations to take corrective steps and reward good performance.

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Remote Audits to Drive Compliance

Leverage existing security cameras to enable Interface’s remote audit specialists to review key operations across all your locations. Analyze audit observations to take corrective steps and reward good performance.

  • Customer Service Standards

  • Security practices

  • Safety and hygiene standards

  • Employee productivity

  • Cash handling compliance

  • Regulatory compliance

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How Does Remote Audit Work?

Interface can offer remote audits as an add-on service to remote video monitoring or as a stand-alone service that uses available video feeds.

Suitable for Consumer-Facing Multi-Location Enterprises

Remote audits are game-changers for multi-location consumer-facing chains where onsite audits are expensive, may not be effective at all times, and not possible due to lockdowns and travel restrictions. In addition, remote audits can be completely customized to monitor domain-specific compliance and standard operating procedures (SOPs).


  • Are all employees in uniform?

  • Were shopping carts left unattended outside the dressing area?

  • Do shelves appear to be stocked and aisles clear of clutter?
  • If floors appear to be wet, are there signs or cones visible?
  • How many sales associates were on the floor on a specific date and time?

Restaurant franchise

  • Do employees change gloves when there is a cross-contamination risk?

  • Was there a chef at the grill/sandwich station throughout the service period?

  • Are employees following no eating/drinking policies at all stations?
  • Was the POS register drawer closed between transactions?
  • Are the employees arming/disarming alarm panels daily?


  • Do mothers in the maternity ward have tags?

  • Are hospital staff wearing personal protection equipment when entering the lab or quarantined areas?

  • Are there at least two patient service associates present in the workstation while assembling trays for patients?
  • Were proper cash handling procedures followed at the office?
  • Are emergency exits, alarm panels, and fire extinguishers free from obstructions?

What are Remote Audit Scorecards?

Remote audit scorecards can give management teams an objective view of what’s working and what’s not with visual evidence.

How Can Enterprises Benefit from Remote Audit Scorecards

Audit scorecards can drive better compliance, improved customer experience, and greater adherence to safety or security practices. Some of the benefits of remote audit scorecards include:

Create valuable training feedback and monitoring training effectiveness

Create leaderboards and reward teams/locations that stick to SOPs

Improve customer experience and maintain customer service standards at all locations

Identify safety issues proactively, reduce shrink, and secure people and assets

Implement brand-specific best practices to improve the in-store experience

Align remote audit scorecards to individual KPIs and performance bonus


Ramp-up Performance with Remote Site Audits

Get an objective view of your business operation to eliminate compliance gaps and boost performance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How are remote audits different from onsite audits?

Onsite Audits
– Higher cost of conducting audits due to travel and related expenses.
– Might disrupt customer service and impact employee productivity at the time of audit.
– Frequency of onsite audits are limited and are linked to auditor availability, cost and scheduling constraints.
– Onside audits can be manipulated by employees and auditors may be subject to biases when interacting with employees.

Remote Audits
– Significantly cheaper when compared to onsite audits.
– Remote audits are conducted through security camera feeds with zero disruption.
– Remote audits can be conducted frqeuently during and even outside the business hours leveraging always-on security camera feeds and 24X7 monitoring capability.
– Remote audits are done discreetly without the knowledge of employees and audit specialists do not interact with employees when conducting the audit.

Can customers choose to define the scope, location and frequency of remote audits?

Yes, remote audits can be conducted on a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule on a variety of categories and can be customized for any industry. Customers can choose to perform the audits for either a limited number of pre-selected or random locations or schedule the audits to be done for all locations at either a scheduled or random time of the day or week.

What are the various audit categories that can be included in remote auditing?

Interface’s audit specialists can review operations for a wide range of SOPs. Some of the popular remote audit categories include:
– Loss prevention
– Cash handling
– Employee productivity
– Uniform compliance
– Staffing levels
– Customer service
– Safety compliance
– Cleanliness
– Procedure adherence

How can remote audit specialists spot gaps in industry-specific SOPs?

Interface’s audit specialists have domain expertise in SOPs associated with retail, hospitality and restaurants, banking, healthcare, and cannabis. Our audit specialists can be trained to observe and report any company-specific SOPs such as those linked to handling high-value items, food, stocking products, greeting customers, cash handling procedures, safety or compliance regulations.