Drive Compliance with Remote Audits

Leverage existing security cameras to enable Interface’s remote audit specialists to review key operations across all your locations. Analyze audit observations to take corrective steps and reward good performance.

Remote Audit Via Security Camera Overview

How Does Remote Audit Work?

Interface can offer remote audits as an add-on service to remote video monitoring or as a stand-alone service that uses available video feeds.

1. Define Scope

2. Run Pilot

3. Audit and Scorecards

What Are Remote Audit Scorecards?

Remote audit scorecards can give management teams an objective view of what’s working and what’s not with visual evidence.
Back door not visible on camera
Unsecured cash in the office
Employee following proper cash handling procedure
Sample remote audit report

Suitable for Consumer-Facing Multi-Location Enterprises

Remote audits are game-changers for multi-location consumer-facing chains where onsite audits are expensive, may not be effective at all times, and are not possible due to travel restrictions. In addition, remote audits can be completely customized to monitor domain-specific compliance and standard operating procedures (SOPs).
Remote audit for retail chains


Remote audit for restaurant franchise

Restaurant Franchise

Remote audit for hospitals


Frequently Asked Questions

Ramp-Up Performance With Remote Site Audits

Get an objective view of your business operation to eliminate compliance gaps and boost performance.

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