Intelligent AI-Based Voice-down For Proactive Security

Prevent break-ins before they happen and stop security threats at your facilities with our autonomous voice-down solution that can “see” what’s happening and respond immediately with customized announcements accompanied by warning lights or sounds.

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Perimeter Security is a Challenge

Security Blind Spots

Consumer-facing businesses face significant security blind spots in exterior areas surrounding the store, such as parking lots, loading docks, and alleyways. These areas often lack proper surveillance cameras, sufficient lighting, and monitoring, making them vulnerable to theft, vandalism, and loitering. Additionally, entrances, exits, and delivery points pose challenges for effective monitoring, potentially allowing unauthorized access and unreported incidents.

Operational Risks

Deliveries, unauthorized parking, and employee movement present significant challenges for retail establishments. Managing the influx of deliveries, unauthorized parking, or movement at drop-off locations after business hours can create safety hazards and security risks.

Integrated and Autonomous Camera and Voice-Down Solution

Our modular security solution is available as an indoor or outdoor unit and includes an audio player with a speaker, a PLC module, and an AI-enabled camera that can detect people and vehicles with 99% accuracy day and night. For high-risk threats such as break-ins, the system can be configured to automatically alert Interface’s Interactive Security Operations Center (iSOC) for live human monitoring and intervention.”


Functions autonomously to detect threats and play the appropriate message along with optional strobes and/or lights. No monitoring is needed.

Diverse Use Cases

Can be completely customized to address a wide range of use cases: After-hour drop-offs, vandalism, unauthorized parking, loitering, or illegal encampments.


Has the ability to play a sequence of messages based on the subject’s compliance with warning messages.


Pre-loaded with a library of pre-recorded custom messages to address specific threats.


Can take up non-security tasks as well. Welcome greeting for customers during business hours, or reminding employees about operating procedures.

Automated Escalation

Can be configured to automatically alert iSOC for live video review by intervention specialists for further action.

Use Cases for Intelligent Voice-down Solution

Our versatile voice-down solution can tackle a wide variety of security threats and operational gaps.



Unauthorized Parking

Break-ins or Burglary

Break-ins or Burglary

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