Comprehensive Lone Worker Safety Monitoring Solution

The Interface Personal Protection Monitoring (PPM) is a smart, location-aware wearable lone worker safety device backed by trained intervention specialists to give your lone workers the safety umbrella they need to tackle adverse work situations with confidence.

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Lone Worker Safety Is Critical for Consumer-Facing Businesses

Businesses need a comprehensive safety monitoring solution to enable lone workers to tackle dangerous situations at work. In addition to the risk of assault or possible life threats, lone workers might also have to deal with personal health emergencies when no one is around to assist them.
Lone workers give businesses the flexibility required to keep the lights on 24X7
Lone workers often need to work outside the safe confines of an office or store
A lone worker safety program boosts employee morale and productivity

Lone Worker Risks Businesses Should Address

As businesses change their operating model to serve customers anywhere and anytime, lone workers are facing greater risks at work.

Lone workers at risk

How Our Lone Worker Safety Monitoring Solution Works

The Interface lone worker safety monitoring solution has two critical components:

Smart, Wearable, Personal Safety Device for Lone Workers

Remote Monitoring Service That Is Activated When the Lone Worker Needs Help

Smart wearable personal safety device

The Interface PPM Smart Wearable Personal Safety Device

Interface's interactive security operations center

The Interface Interactive Security Operations Centers for Security Monitoring

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Give Your Lone Workers the Safety They Deserve

Deploy pervasive safety solutions designed to help employees work anywhere.

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