How we Train Our Virtual Security Guards

Our virtual security guards, aka Intervention Specialists, are trained to take proactive actions to secure your people and assets. Find out how our comprehensive training programs equip our intervention specialists to make the right call every time.

Our Virtual Guards Make a Big Difference

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Rigorous Hiring Process

We hire the best people and make them experts in remote security monitoring and emergency response. Our hiring process combines rigorous interviews, and tests based on real-world simulations and a comprehensive personality assessment to hire the right team.

Predictive Index Behavioral Test

Candidates are assessed for their natural behavioral drives and need to predict how they will behave when handling emergency situations

A Day in the Life at iSOC

Shortlisted candidates are given the opportunity to shadow an experienced Intervention Specialist at our Interactive Security Operations Center (iSOC) to get a first-hand feel for the job.

Multi-Tiered Onboarding and Training

We employ a multi-tiered onboarding and training program that’s designed for team members with diverse learning styles, experience profiles, and knowledge levels.

Customer Service Training

Comprehensive customer service training and certification test requiring a minimum of 90% score resulting in a Customer Service Specialist certification. Training program includes

Incident Response and Intervention Training

A 12-week one-on-one training program by a senior intervention specialist that prepares the new hire to take on real-world challenges resulting in a TMA (The Monitoring Association) certification. This phase of training includes:

Our Training RECIPEfor success

At our interactive security operation centers, every team member is taught the 6 guiding principles of our company-wide leadership framework, namely, Gratitude, Relentless, Organization, Willingness, Transparency, Humility.

Onboarding, training, role play, 1-1 supervision by trained experts, and ongoing training ensure that our intervention specialists provide the highest standards of round-the-clock remote security coverage for our customers and live up to the standards defined by our guiding principles.

What makes this job special at Interface?

Level-Up Your Physical Security with Virtual Guard Services

Get 360-degree security coverage inside and outside all your locations with real-time interaction with trained intervention specialists.

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