Interface Streamlines Franchise Operations and Accelerates Digital Transformation for BRIX

Interface enables BRIX to guarantee successful restaurant operations for its franchisees by deploying standardized restaurant technology solutions.

Carissa DeSantis, Chief Technology Officer at BRIX Holdings, explains why Interface was chosen to implement managed network, business voice, PCI compliance, business security, and business intelligence solutions for over 400 franchisee locations.

BRIX Holdings (“BRIX”), a leading multi-brand franchising company that specializes in the “better-for-you” QSR segment, has chosen Interface Systems to implement the restaurant network-technology-in-a-box and remote video monitoring solutions for its franchise locations belonging to Friendly’s Restaurant Co., Red Mango Café, Smoothie Factory + Kitchen, Souper Salad, Orange Leaf, Humble Donut Co, Greenz, Friendly’s and Pizza Jukebox. Interface’s restaurant-technology-in-a-box solution includes purpose-built connectivity with 4G LTE backup, firewall, WiFi access points, and VoIP routers. In addition, Interface offers its PCI compliance services and remote video monitoring solution to secure BRIX’s locations.

The managed solutions from Interface enables BRIX to offer its franchisees a modern and proven technology template that can be replicated with ease at any number of locations consistently. By choosing Interface’s suite of managed services, BRIX has laid the foundation to accelerate expansion, and offers franchise operators a proven technology model to run a successful restaurant business.

About BRIX

BRIX Holdings LLC, based in Dallas, Texas, is a multi-brand franchising company specializing in chains with superior products and attractive growth prospects. BRIX’s portfolio represents over 400 locations across 38 states and includes brands such as Friendly’s Restaurant Co., Red Mango Café, Smoothie Factory + Kitchen, Souper Salad, Orange Leaf, Humble Donut Co, Greenz, and Pizza Jukebox.

Key Challenges at BRIX

The restaurant industry has seen a massive shift in consumer preferences and this has impacted how BRIX plans to fuel the growth of its portfolio of brands.

“In order to sign up new franchise operators, we realized that we needed a lot more than a great portfolio of brands. It is our mission to offer franchise operators a future-proof technology stack that delivers operational simplicity, lowers operating costs, and offers insights to respond to customer preferences,” says Carissa DeSantis, Chief Technology Officer, BRIX.

According to DeSantis, “Our priority was to upgrade our network infrastructure and physical security which would allow our operators to update their critical restaurant applications and secure their premises. Once we upgrade our restaurants, we should be able to make sense of the data we have about customer preferences and purchase habits to see how the restaurant formats and service options would allow us to delight our customers and drive sales growth.”

BRIX chose Interface to solve the following challenges:

“Interface is not just a vendor for BRIX. They are a partner that has a stake in our success.”

Carissa DeSantis
Chief Technology Officer
BRIX Holdings

Network & Voice Solution to Enable Transformation

Interface implemented its network-technology-in-box solution for Friendly’s and Red Mango locations. The solution included pre-fabricated, tamper-proof network cabinets with switches, routers, firewalls, and connectivity needed to keep critical restaurant applications running 24X7.

“I see the restaurant-technology-in-a-box as the operating system for franchise operations. You’ve got your network, your internet, your phones, and all of the monitoring and PCI compliance in a box. One of the bonuses of being a BRIX franchisee is that we help standardize critical technologies and make it as simple as possible so that the franchise operator can focus on the business,” says DeSantis.


Network-Technology-In-A-Box At BRIX

  • Router/Firewall
  • ATA Converter
  • Wireless Access Points
  • 4G Router for Failover
  • Network and VoIP
  • Switch Network Cabling
  • PCI-Compliant Network Cabinet

Remote Monitoring to Secure Restaurants

The remote video monitoring solution offered by Interface can deliver a consistent security coverage at all the BRIX locations. With 24X7 monitoring from Interface’s Interactive Security Operations Center (iSOC), restaurants can get a discreet, always-on security solution. Restaurant employees can easily contact trained intervention specialists at the iSOC who can then evaluate the situation and take necessary steps as per predefined protocols.

“With Interface, we can offer our franchises options to leverage interactive remote video monitoring that comes with round-the-clock monitoring at a fraction of the cost that we would otherwise incur with traditional solutions,” says DeSantis.

Security Cameras to Uncover Critical Insights

After the successful rollout of managed network and physical security solutions, Interface is working with BRIX to extend the capabilities of security cameras to reveal valuable operational information for franchise operators. The solution leverages computer vision and artificial intelligence (AI) to reveal critical information such as ordering times and wait times inside the store and at the drive-thru, table turnover, the effectiveness of self-service kiosks, and gaps in shift management.

“The ability to review heat maps of where the guests typically congregate, how long our customers are waiting in the drive-through or where they’re walking on the floor of the restaurants along with a real-time view of trends will make a big difference to our operations,” says DeSantis.

How Interface Makes a Difference to BRIX

Interface’s managed network, voice, and video monitoring solutions have laid a foundation for BRIX to accelerate digital transformation for its restaurant brands.
“With Interface we’ve got one partner that we can work with and be accountable for all the critical technology and ensure that our locations are running smoothly day in and day out.”
Carissa DeSantis
Chief Technology Officer, BRIX Holdings
According to DeSantis, “Having a partner like Interface gives us access to a comprehensive suite of critical solutions that spans secure network, phone system, physical security, and business intelligence. It gives us the freedom to innovate without worrying about technology limitations. We no longer have to hire tens of dozens of people to support restaurant operations. Interface can take care of everything.”

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