Mister Car Wash Case Study

Mister Car Wash Case Study

The nation’s largest chain of automated car wash locations has chosen Interface to streamline video and alarm monitoring services to lay the foundation for better safety and operating efficiency.

Mister Car Wash Case Study

“Interface has delivered significant cost reduction and maximized ROI across all loss prevention systems we implemented.”

Jim Figueredo, Director of Asset Protection, Mister Car Wash

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Mister Car Wash, North America’s largest car wash network, has chosen Interface Security Systems, a leading managed service provider to upgrade and optimize video monitoring and alarm systems.

Interface overhauled CCTV and alarm installations to address high-priority safety and security events unique to Mister’s Car Wash operations. As a part of the upgrade, Interface successfully integrated security camera feeds with a third-party vehicle anti-collision system. In addition to technology upgrades, Interface trained Mister Car Wash’s employees to get the most out of the upgraded systems and handle exceptions.

By upgrading and optimizing the video monitoring and alarm systems with Interface, Mister Car Wash has reduced false alarms, minimized instances of false vehicle damage claims, general liability issues, and improved overall safety at their locations.

With Interface, Mister Car Wash is able to expand operations rapidly and yet deliver a consistent and memorable customer experience.


Mister Car Wash is the largest car wash operator in North America. That’s not stopping them from rapidly expanding operations by opening greenfield locations and acquiring regional brands.

According to Jim Figueredo, Director of Asset Protection at Mister Car Wash, “The safety and monitoring systems at Mister Car Wash are critical components needed to deliver a safe and consistent customer experience at all our locations. Our goal was to upgrade these systems through better design, next-generation technologies, and through systems integration.”

However, Jim and his team faced several challenges with legacy video monitoring and alarm systems that failed to inspire confidence among employees and fell short of ROI goals.

Existing security vendors were out of sync with the solution Mister Car Wash really needed to address critical pain points. Mister Car Wash was looking to make a clean break from legacy solutions to tackle three critical requirements:

  1. Better design and placement of alarm sensors to secure areas of the car wash location where they were really needed, such as inside the waiting areas and employee workspaces.
  2. A complete revamp of the security camera system to capture events of interest such as accidental vehicle braking, customers veering off track inside the car wash tunnel, and vehicle congestion at the end of the tunnel.
  3. Seamless integration of the camera system with a third-party vehicle movement monitoring system to minimize chances of accidents inside the tunnel and improve tunnel capacity.

“The way security cameras and alarm sensors were chosen and deployed created more problems than they solved. We were looking for a partner that understood our business goals with the capability to design solutions that elevate customer experience and maximize productivity for our staff,” says Figueredo.


Mister Car Wash chose to work with Interface not only to address the immediate challenges associated with CCTV camera and alarm systems but also to create a foundation for consistently replicating safety and security best practices across all future locations.

“Interface’s consultative approach to identifying key problems and innovative solution design was a breath of fresh air for us. We knew we had a partner we could trust and it did not take much of an effort to build a general consensus to work with Interface,” says Figueredo.

The video monitoring and alarm solution implemented by Interface helped Mister Car Wash standardize the setup needed for any new greenfield location and also addressed unique challenges in upgrading locations acquired from other car wash companies.

  1. Upgraded alarm system: Incorrect placement of alarm sensors, such as inside the car wash tunnels, resulted in increasing incidents of false alarms, unnecessary disruption to the operation, and a negative impact on employee productivity. Interface overhauled the placement of alarm sensors to focus on critical areas where they were needed thereby minimizing operating costs and removing operational bottlenecks.
  2. Revamped CCTV monitoring: Improperly planned camera placement and lack of threat prioritization resulted in a high camera count relative to the area being monitored. Interface collaborated with DRB (tunnel optimization solution provider) to design and implement an integrated vehicle anti-collision system. This approach allowed Mister Car Wash not only cut camera operating costs but also to clamp down on false claims.
  3. Successful integration with vehicle anti-collision system: Earlier attempts to integrate the vehicle anti-collision system with video cameras were unsuccessful. Interface collaborated with the solution provider to design and implement an integrated vehicle anti-collision system. The solution tracks the flow of vehicles inside the car wash tunnel and automatically stops the conveyor belt if an imminent collision is detected. Successfully implementing this solution has been a game-changer for Mister Car Wash in delivering superior safety and monitoring of vehicles inside the car wash tunnel while reducing overall cost by allowing the vehicle analytics system cameras to function as dual-use devices.
Interface integrated the CCTV system at Mister Car Wash with an innovative car wash tunnel optimization solution. The integrated system allows Mister Car Wash to increase tunnel capacity while preventing in-tunnel collisions and accidents.
  1. Comprehensive employee training: Before Interface, alarm and camera monitoring vendors were struggling to support the rapid growth in the number of locations that needed the service. With Interface, every alarm and camera installation project includes periodic training sessions for employees to ensure they understand how to operate the upgraded system and tackle exceptions. Follow-up training programs are offered to reinforce learning.

“Interface has consistently managed expectations at every stage from design to implementation. Timely support and training have allowed our teams to make the most out of our loss prevention systems. My team has gained tremendous credibility with our store teams by partnering with Interface,” says Figueredo.

“Interface was the only vendor who was able to seamlessly integrate our cameras and NVR with the anti-collision system. This allowed us to reduce costs while improving operations.”

— Jim Figueredo, Director of Asset Protection, Mister Car Wash


With Interface, Mister Car Wash has built a blueprint for safely expanding operations and gained significant efficiencies by integrating cameras with the vehicle anti-collision system. The design of the upgraded alarm system also ensured a significant reduction in false alarms.

Having upgraded over 90 Mister Car Wash locations to the new solution, Interface is collaborating with Mister Car Wash to eventually bring most of its countrywide network of locations to the new technology standard.

“The true benefit of using Interface is their ability to really understand our problems and go the extra mile to suggest future-proof solutions that can scale. Their ability to bring together diverse systems from different vendors has tremendous value to Mister Car Wash. We now have the confidence to grow fast without sacrificing ROI,” says Figueredo.

“Unlike large service providers, Interface can create a solution that ticks all the boxes without making compromises.”

— Jim Figueredo, Director of Asset Protection, Mister Car Wash

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