Upgrade Your Alarm’s Cellular Radio Communicator Unit Now

Your 3G cellular communicator units may stop functioning as cellular network providers are discontinuing support for 3G connectivity. Upgrade now to keep your alarms functional.

Is Your Alarm Keypad Beeping and Showing a Communication Error?

You may be affected by AT&T turning off their 3g network. For instructions on how to silence the beeping on the alarm keypad, please click here

To order the cellular radio communicator upgrade for a special price of $99 for residential and $199 for commercial, please complete the form below or call our Customer Service Team at 866-593-3480.
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How to Upgrade

Step 1

Sign our Discounted Cellular Communicator Upgrade Agreement

Step 2

Make a one-time payment, per location, of $99 for residential and $199 for commercial

Step 3

A professional technician will be scheduled to come on-site to upgrade your system

Discounted Cellular Communicator Upgrade Agreement

Interface Security Systems will upgrade your existing alarm system’s cellular radio communicator unit with a new, important component required for your alarm system to continue communicating with Interface’s Security Operations Centers after the cellular network providers sunset support for 3G-based communicator units. This upgrade includes:
The fee for this upgrade is a one-time, deeply discounted amount of $99 for residential and $199 for commercial for the entire installation.

After completing this upgrade agreement and the online payment, Interface will contact you to schedule a technician to visit your home or place of business to complete the installation work. Interface technician will test the new cellular radio unit to verify your alarm signals are successfully received at the Interface Security Operations Center (SOC).

The term for any services currently provided by Interface will extend for 24 months from the date of installation while your existing Interface agreement and any amendments or addendums remain in full force and effect.

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3G Sunset Agreement

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