Interface Secure Managed Broadband connects customers while keeping employees and data safe and secure.


Retail Security Services

More than ever, retailers are using the Internet, and trusting the Internet, for business security systems and communications to provide better customer service. As stores depend more on managed security services, they also face serious challenges for network availability and data security.

Our integrated security services meet these high standards and, as the leader in IP Managed Security Services, Interface is the ideal partner to deliver a reliable and secure network.

Interface Security Systems offers a business model and an array of managed security services that make Interface a leader in retail industry security. The face of retailing is changing as never before. Mobile devices are revolutionizing the way consumers buy products. And as a retailer, your challenge is to connect with your customers via in-store networks while ensuring that everyone’s data is safe and secure. At the same time, you’re still faced with issues like controlling inventory and reducing shrinkage.

Managed Security Service Challenges for Retail

One of the largest discount retailers in the United States, by number of stores, juggled hundreds of service provider’s each delivering disparate network services. To keep step with the retailer’s rapid growth, Interface filled a need to standardize all in-store services with a uniform integrated network design.

In particular, this retailer needed higher bandwidth in each store for wireless inventory tracking and point of sales reporting. The retailer also needs to support stricter data security standards for credit cards. Video surveillance systems and retail analytics was also bundled together to complete the service package.


    Retail Managed Service Solutions

    After conducting extensive testing and an ROI analysis, the retailer selected Interface Systems. The project converted security and communications systems from analog to digital – eliminating the expense of more than five thousand phone lines.

    The Interface Security Systems data and communications suite for retail business is based on our router systems. Services include Wide-area Network Management, PCI Compliance via Cisco IPS/IDS and Rogue Wireless Management, IP Alarm System Monitoring, Managed IP Video Surveillance, and Interface Digital Voice.

    This first-to-market suite of cloud based security applications and management is delivered via Interface Secure Managed Broadband— a wide-area network design featuring advanced security services on our routers and redundant network connections for failover and business continuity.

    Interface makes it easy for retail companies to attain the benefits of the latest router technology while reducing capital expense. In addition to providing secure managed broadband service and managing the router, Interface also provides retailers with network based retail business services like Cisco IPS/IDS and Cisco WAP management to support PCI Compliance. Interface leverages the network further with IP monitoring of physical security systems and by cutting expenses with Voice Over IP.

    Results – Intelligent Security Solutions

    Major retail companies use Interface Secure Managed Services for its entire retail store network, with multiple locations.

    Success Story – Complete Managed Security

    “What Interface delivers for any single location or a large organization is the economy of vendor consolidation. Combined with system Interface Security Systems standardization are huge improvements in efficiency. “Our best-in-class, Managed Cloud Bundle provides the Retail Industry with a cost-saving and scalable technology.

    Bundling these critical in-store services signals a fundamental shift in how retailers are thinking about the value of their existing service provider and Retail Security Systems.


    Industry Challenge Interface
    Shrink and Cash Loss Random live audio announcements throughout the day have proven to reduce shrink and cash shortages.
    High Guard Costs Get 24/7 coverage at a fraction of the cost of live security guards through Interface Virtual Guard services.
    False Alarms Let Interface verify every alarm with live video, virtually eliminating false alarms, fees and unnecessary after hours phone calls.
    PCI Compliance Safeguard vital information, protecting your business data as well as your customers via secured managed network services.
    Maximize Merchandising Return Employ Interface analytics solutions to help you monitor, measure and understand customer behavior so you can market to them more effectively.
    Telecommunication Cost Management Simplify your communication needs and get enhanced applications with Interface Digital Voice services.
    Guest Wi-Fi/Network Security Provide your customers with internet access while protecting your business network from security breaches and rogue devices.

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