Interface video surveillance and PCI compliant network keep an eye on your bottom line.

Restaurants Improve Service and Safety With Managed Security Services From Interface

Restaurants are concerned with creating a great customer experience to help grow their business. That’s why they turn to Interface Security Systems to provide back office IT and other managed business security system services. Interface will consolidate vendors, standardize store operations and better protect employees, customers and credit card data.

Maximizing the bottom line is a key focus for restaurant owners, along with data and physical security.  You don’t want to take away valuable time from running your business to manage disparate systems that do not connect with each other. From food cost management to PCI compliance as well as secure guest wifi network and employee safety, Interface makes it easy to manage everything.

Restaurant Managed Security Solutions

Dine in restaurants and franchises have found an answer for security challenges with Interface’s Secure Managed Services. These include Internet Provisioning and Router Management, support for PCI Compliance, Network Vulnerability Scanning, IP Alarm System Monitoring and video Surveillance.

Interface was the first-to market with a suite of  Managed store services delivered via Interface Secure Managed Broadband, an intelligent, managed network design featuring the advanced security services of the latest routers and a redundant 4G WAN connection to ensure failover and business continuity. In addition to these data security services, Interface Security Systems can seamlessly integrate cost saving Voice-Over-IP communications that take advantage of your managed broadband circuit.

How Do Restaurants Benefit from Managed Security Services?

Interface’s Secure Managed Services unify design and delivery of store applications on a common platform. Our solutions help protect networks, physical assets, employees, customers and data, all while lowering operating costs by consolidating services through one provider

Consolidating all of your managed services is more convenient, but consolidation also offers immediate cost savings. Interface Security Systems has made the investment and training to build a solid infrastructure to be uniquely positioned to provide tailored data and physical security solutions specifically focusing on restaurant industry security needs. Our strong manufacturer partner relationships ensure we provide the cutting-edge equipment, routers and internal firewalls to maximize your network protection needed to secure credit card transactions and to lock out unauthorized network use as mandated by Payment Cardholder Industry (PCI) standards. Interface’s Managed Broadband Services also ensures secure, reliable and fast data transfer for credit card transactions 24/7/365. Interface can be your partner to SIMPLIFY TO THE POWER OF ONE.


Industry Challenge Interface
Poor Cash Handling Monitor employees via live or recorded video as they handle cash to ensure they’re not shortchanging the register.
PCI Compliance Safeguard vital information, protecting your business data as well as your customers via secured managed network services.
Guest Wi-Fi/Network Security Provide your customers with internet access while protecting your business network from security breaches and rogue devices.
Loitering Interactive audio and video services help rid your location of loiterers on your property.
Food Cost Managed secure network and monitoring solutions can reduce food cost by monitoring events from temperature control to inventory.
False Alarms Let Interface verify every alarm with live video, virtually eliminating false alarms, fees and unnecessary after hours phone calls.

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