One simple way to protect everything you value.

You can count on Interface to look after your business assets as well as your employees and your customers. We have the systems and the technology in place to safeguard both assets and people with state-of-the-art intelligent security solutions.

Intrusion and Fire Alarms

Interface IP-based security systems elevate protection to the next level. By integrating intrusion detection, fire safety, access control and video surveillance with the ubiquity of internet networking, you get a more secure, efficient and economical solution. You also get a powerful security tool that can be controlled from mobile devices virtually anywhere.

Reliability is paramount with any alarm monitoring system. Our secure operations center has earned UL certification for both intrusion and fire protection, putting them in the top tier of alarm monitoring central stations. We’ve also received the prestigious CSAA Five Diamond award for our commitment to training and service excellence. And we operate redundant systems that include dual fiber optic communications paths, alarm processors with backup servers and diesel generators for uninterrupted power. We leave absolutely nothing to chance.

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Managed Access Control

Managed Access Control

InterCard is our managed access control solution, designed to allow real-time management of your building’s access requirements. Whether you need security for one door or an enterprise-wide system, we can design an answer just for you. Card activation and deactivation can be managed remotely either through our central command center or a secure web-based portal, so it’s easy to control access to your facility anytime.

Virtual Guard™ Services

Think of our intervention specialists as virtual security guards, watching over your interests and responding as needed. They can conduct virtual tours, safely escort employees on and off the premises and keep your business secure 24/7 across multiple locations. All for far less than you’d pay a security guard to be there in person.

virtual security guards
Interface Healthcare Solutions

Interface Healthcare Solutions

Hospitals and other medical providers need to keep track of their patients to protect against mistaken identity, abduction or flight from the facility. Interface offers several monitoring solutions to ensure that the people under their care are present and accounted for.