Virtual Guard Security Services

The Virtual Guardians of Business:
The one to watch. The one to save.

Video Security Surveillance

Interface offers a number of dependable Interactive Video Surveillance solutions to help you keep an eye on your business at any time from any place. You can have complete peace of mind knowing you’re always protected. And it’s a smarter way to spend your security dollars.

Interactive Video.

With our advanced Interface Interactive solutions, you can virtually see all, hear all and know all. Our intervention specialists are able to watch, listen to and speak directly to any of your locations from our central command centers. This real-time technology provides video and audio verification to law enforcement and significantly reduces false alarms. It’s also a fraction of the cost of hiring a live security guard.

Video Security Surveillance

Monitor stockrooms, door entrances, inventory, assets and break rooms. Use two-way audio with video for emergencies. Use recorded video to review footage to confirm store openings and closings. Interactive video from Interface is the closest thing to being there.

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  • Virtual Guard Services. Think of our intervention specialists as virtual security guards, watching over your interests and responding as needed. They can conduct virtual tours, safely escort employees on and off the premises and keep your business secure 24/7 across multiple locations. All for far less than you’d pay a security guard to be there in person.
  • Video Verification. When an alarm is triggered, an intervention specialist views the location using video surveillance assets. If there’s suspicious activity, authorities are notified immediately. This invaluable tool can reduce late night wake-up calls and virtually eliminate false alarm fines.
  • Rapid Response. Using two-way audio coupled with video surveillance, our intervention specialists can often minimize serious threats and assist with emergencies. When an alarm is activated, we respond instantly, notifying the location, via a loud speaker, that activity is being monitored and recorded. If necessary, law enforcement and company contacts can then be alerted. And alarms can be triggered through any number of means, including panic buttons, wireless pendants, contact breaks and motion detectors.

• Handles loiterers, disorderly customers and potential criminals
• Takes employees out of conflicts
• Resolves 98% of employee alerts without police involvement
• Provides coverage 24/7/365
• Offers an immediate, real-time response

  • Remote Tours. Remote tours can be conducted on a scheduled or random basis. This service notifies loiterers, unwanted patrons and potential criminals that all activity is being monitored and recorded. The random and periodic nature of these tours helps deter criminal activity and internal theft. Customers who use Interface’s Remote Tour Service have seen fewer parking lot altercations, reduced inventory shrink and cash shortages, and higher sales.
  • Escorts. Escorts are a second set of eyes and ears for your business when employees move from one vulnerable location to another. Interface will serve as a virtual guard for your employees as they open or close a location or as a chaperone for employees moving to and from high security areas. Escorts can also be used for outdoor security to remotely accompany employees to their cars and off the premises.
Video Security Surveillance

Video Surveillance: Be everywhere at once.

Interface gives you a myriad of closed-circuit television options to monitor activity and protect your place of business. We install and service systems of all sizes and sophistication – whether it’s one analog camera minding a cash register or hundreds of networked IP cameras securing your corporate campus.

Our entire product line operates off of a unified security platform, offering both access control, intrusion detection and video surveillance. With high-definition cameras recording all the details, you’ll always know exactly what’s going on. It’s a cost-effective solution that allows you to keep an eye on your business, day and night.

Video Analytics: Be the one in the know.

Interface’s video analytics capabilities provide you with crucial information about your business to help you manage operations and optimize marketing and merchandising. We offer a number of valuable tools that enable you to see what you’ve been missing across multiple locations. Together, they offer you a smart, cost-effective way to monitor employees, adjust staffing levels, ensure policy compliance, serve customers better and increase your ROI.

  • Snapshot Audits. Imagine having an extra set of eyes to watch over all your stores. Snapshot Audits really are the next best thing to being there. You can supervise activity remotely on a predetermined schedule to reduce shrinkage, prevent loss and confirm that store policies are followed.
  • People Counting. How many people were drawn in by your latest promotion? Do you have too many or too few employees to handle business at different times of the day? Is that display catching your customers’ attention? People Counting can help you answer questions like these so you can operate your company more efficiently and get the most out of every marketing dollar.
  • Heat Mapping. By knowing where your customers linger in your store and identifying their traffic patterns, you can figure out how to better merchandise your goods and services. Heat Mapping captures infrared images that show you exactly what draws attention and how people flow in and out of your establishment, so you can adjust your displays and move more high-margin items.
Video Security Surveillance