Don Fruhwirth
Don Fruhwirth

Director of Product Management

Retail Network Transformational Insights


Explore some of the key insights that network and security leaders should know as they transform their IT infrastructure to embrace new ways of doing business.

Interface’s network services partner, Fortinet, and Canam conducted a survey among network and security professionals in the retail industry to understand how the COVID-19 pandemic has changed consumer preferences and how these changes have created new network and security challenges.


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About the author

Don Fruhwirth
Don Fruhwirth

Director of Product Management

Don Fruhwirth is Director of Product Management at Interface Security Systems. He brings more than 20 years of expertise in security integration strategies, next-generation networking design and wireless system architecture. Don has enabled numerous enterprises in transforming their IT and asset protection system infrastructures. Don is an industry thought leader and frequent speaker on topics such as SD-WAN, cloud video architectures, remote video surveillance and advanced network security. Prior to joining Interface, Don has held senior solution engineering positions for regional security and global cellular telecommunications companies. In addition to his security background, Don holds advanced networking certifications from Cisco, Fortinet and Cradlepoint.

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