Video Analytics Solution to Uncover Powerful Business Insights

Enhance security, customer experience, and maximize employee productivity with video analytics. The Interface video analytics solution can leverage existing security cameras to provide powerful and sophisticated insights to streamline operations and maximize revenue.
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How Video Analytics Can Transform Operations

Video analytics offer significant opportunities for retailers, restaurants, and other consumer-facing businesses to enhance revenues, reduce costs and improve loyalty and efficiency.

Secure Inventory

Track movement of high-value inventory or products and automatically alert key team members if high-value products leave the store without checkout. Deep dive into specific snapshots filtered by week, day, or minute to pinpoint criminal activity or shrink.

Measure Effectiveness of Marketing Campaigns

Find out how online marketing campaigns translate into customer traffic at stores and attribute offline conversions. Measure product engagement to identify products in demand and track campaign effectiveness by hour, day, and time of the week.

Optimize Store Design

Identify location design opportunities to increase customer interaction with staff or products. Test effectiveness of window displays with walk-in metrics and use heat maps to see where customers have maximum interactions.

Improve Employee Productivity

Optimize staff schedules based on when your stores receive the maximum footfall. Measure performance of team members in terms of speed of service, share contextual information about loyal customers at the point of interaction, and use video footage for training purposes.

Monitor Compliance

Get insights on store occupancy, mask compliance, cleanliness routines across your locations. Use video recordings for identifying training opportunities and for improving processes associated with compliance.

Improve Drive-Thru & Checkout Experience

Measure speed of service, upsells, service accuracy and compliance with customer service standards at the drive-thru, curbside and at checkout counters. Share customer service insights with store employees in realtime.

Improve Merchandising

Understand how customers interact with shelves, display units, and kiosks. Perform inventory audits remotely, review instances of empty shelves or how fast products find their way to displays. Additionally, A/B test every display with department-level traffic counting and customer analytics.

Better Employee Experience

Understand bottlenecks faced by employees when serving customers or performing routine tasks. Stream real-time data on employee performance such as the number of upsells, average basket size, and the number of customers served, to keep them motivated and improve productivity.


Video Analytics for Retail Chains

Download the solution brief to get a complete overview of how retail chains can use video analytics to increase sales, reduce costs, and delight customers.

Designed for Multi-Location Enterprises

Interface’s video analytics solution is designed to address the needs of distributed enterprises that already have a camera network in place and may have locations where bandwidth availability is a challenge.

Open Architecture

Resilient Connectivity

Guaranteed Privacy

Drill-Down Reporting and Audits

Well-Documented API

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