Managed Intrusion Alarm System to Secure Multi-Location Business

Get remote alarm management capabilities with enterprise-grade administration features. Easily manage multi-site alarm operations from any browser-based device.

Managed Intrusion Alarm Services Overview

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Managed Intrusion Alarm Can Help You Avoid These Common Issues

Cumbersome Vendor Management

Multi-site businesses struggle to manage intrusion alarm vendor sprawl. Too many alarm vendors create significant operational overheads for loss prevention teams. Managing invoices, price escalations, and contracts can suck away precious time from dealing with new and emerging threats across locations.

Inconsistent Processes

Every alarm vendor in the mix brings in their own alarm maintenance and escalation process. Inconsistent SLAs at different locations create operational challenges and put people and inventory at risk. Training employees can become challenging when employees are deployed to new locations.

Unfavorable ROI

Multi-location businesses saddled with a mix of legacy and new intrusion alarm devices incur significantly higher maintenance costs as they neither have the ability to leverage scale nor the option to deploy advanced solutions.

Leverage A Wide Variety Of Intrusion Sensors

Our security experts can design a customized alarm monitoring solution to tackle a wide variety of indoor, outdoor, and environmental security risks.


Door and Window Contact Sensors

Install door and window contact sensors for a variety of doors, windows, gates, roof hatches, and roll-up type doors and customized for any type of opening to be monitored.

Motion Detectors

Implement a wide range of motion detectors – from passive infrared motion detectors to multi-directional or 360 degree motion detectors for specialized requirements.

Glassbreak Detectors

Get glassbreak sensors to safeguard large spaces such as a retail store and restaurants in vulnerable locations.

Vibration Sensors

Protect high-value retail stores (such as jewelry) and ATMs. Get vibration sensors to detect movement, use of tools to break in, or activity in the perimeter.

Specialty Sensors

Monitor perishable inventory in coolers with temperature sensors, monitor for water intrusion with standing water sensors, and protect vulnerable rooftop heating and cooling units using advanced vibration and pressure sensors.

Panic Buttons or Key Fobs

Offer employees the option to discreetly seek assistance using emergency panic buttons that can either be fixed or available as key fobs.

Remotely Manage Alarm System from Any Connected Device

Get remote alarm management capabilities with enterprise-grade administration features. Easily manage multi-site alarm operations from any browser-based device.

Manage alarm systems from anywhere

Manage Zone Status, Arm/Disarm Alarms

Remotely view all faulted zones and take action. Arm or disarm alarms or pre-defined alarm areas so access is provided only where it is needed.

Get Notifications and Alerts

Enable customized notifications for alarms, sensor activity, arming/ disarming or alarms or zone trips in sensitive areas where high-value inventory is stored.

Multi-Site User Administration

Easily add, edit, or delete users remotely. Map user schedules and profiles to a set of alarm systems at any number of locations.

Assign Granular User Roles and Rights

Edit alarm access code for any user, create temporary alarm codes for users with pre-defined expiry and assign authority levels (Example, ‘arm only’)

Let Users Manage Contacts and Passcodes

Users can manage their own routine system tests or change emergency contact lists and verbal passcodes. Changes are automatically synced with the monitoring center.

Access Comprehensive Reports

View historical data on all alarm events and sensor activities. Create reports and automatically email reports based on a schedule.

Why You Should Switch to a Managed Intrusion Alarm System

Our managed intrusion alarm solution can tackle a variety of intrusion events related to theft or burglary, protect facilities, safeguard inventory from damages, and give employees a safe work environment.

Interface can handle everything – from comprehensive security assessments to implementation, security monitoring, and ongoing maintenance.

We Partner with Leading Intrusion Detection Technology Companies

Interface can design a turnkey managed intrusion alarm solution by seamlessly bringing together in-house design and monitoring expertise and leveraging next-generation hardware and software solutions offered by our partners.


Digital Monitoring Products (DMP) Intrusion Devices

The DMP suite of intrusion devices includes passive infrared detectors, glassbreak detectors, bank and vault detectors, audibles, contacts and accessories enabling a comprehensive intrusion detection solution customizable for all use cases.

Honeywell Pro-Watch

Honeywell Pro-Watch enables an enterprise to benefit from the seamless integration of all of its security solutions, delivering complete visibility of all the connected systems.

Leverage Alarm Integrations to Improve Security

Graduate from stand-alone intrusion alarm deployment to make the most of Interface’s integrated managed alarm solutions.

Uncover Security Insights

Combine alarm events with video from security cameras and access control systems to gain granular insights on security events.

Enhance Deterrence

Use alarm events as triggers to activate facility lighting to deter potential intruders. Integrate alarm sensors to initiate local announcements or automated remote voice downs during non-business hours.

Verify Alarm Events

Minimize false alarm costs by deploying video-verified alarms that are monitored by Interface’s interactive Security Operation Centers (iSOCs).
El Pollo Loco case study

El Pollo Loco Relies on Interface’s Managed Alarm Services to Cut False Alarm Costs and Deter Crime

With Interface, El Pollo Loco saves several thousand dollars in annual false alarm penalties across 198 locations.

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