Interface provides IP monitoring and networking solutions to manage security and control multiple properties.

Businesses in the hospitality industry must not only take good care of their guests, they must deal with the challenges of managing multiple locations. Parking lot safety, exterior door control, and equipment standardization are a few of the concerns they face. That’s why we’ve developed core monitoring and network solutions that enhance both the security and the control of each property.

Interface is uniquely qualified to provide you with a comprehensive bundle of managed services that will simplify your business. It’s what we do. So rather than dealing with multiple vendors, you get one integrated solution from Interface that not only works seamlessly, it can be delivered at scale. Here are a few examples of how we’ve helped thousands of hospitality customers.

Industry Challenge Interface
High Guard Costs Get 24/7 coverage at a fraction of the cost of live security guards through our Virtual Guard services.
Parking Lot Safety Ensure reliable security throughout your property 24/7 using Interface Virtual Guard services.
Equipment Standardization Achieve greater operational efficiency while streamlining expansion and repairs.
Exterior door security Safeguard your assets and keep guests safe by managing control systems for your property’s exterior doors.
Employee safety Monitor your employees as they move about a property or chaperone employees moving to and from high security areas.

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