MOD Pizza Case Study

Pizza chain chooses Interface to upgrade video cameras, alarms, and video management for its more than 420 company-owned locations and lays the foundation for rapid business expansion.

“We reduced our false alarm costs by over 95% and our monthly subscription costs by over 15% after we switched to Interface.”

Jason Swanson, Director of Asset Protection, MOD Pizza

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MOD Super Fast Pizza Holdings, LLC (“MOD Pizza”, “MOD”), the purpose-led,
people-first, fast-casual pizza pioneer has chosen Interface Systems, a leading managed service provider to implement a comprehensive upgrade of physical security infrastructure for their 420+ restaurants. Interface deployed network video recorders (NVRs) to leverage legacy analog camera infrastructure and installed the latest IP cameras at new locations. Interface implemented an alarm solution that seamlessly integrates with video cameras to validate alarm events and reduce false alarm events. In addition, Interface rolled out a cloud-based video management system to easily search for video recordings across any location and securely share the recordings with law enforcement.

By consolidating all business security operations with Interface, MOD Pizza is now in a position to offer a significantly improved work environment for its employees along with discreet, always-on security coverage for customers. MOD Pizza has also gained the flexibility to deploy advanced solutions, such as video analytics, and reduce the cost of security operations.

Key Challenges

Protecting customers and the MOD Squad (employees) was the number one goal for Jason Swanson, Director of Asset Protection, MOD Pizza. “We wanted to graduate to an integrated, state-of-the-art physical security solution stack to guarantee the safety of our customers and the wellbeing of our people,” says Swanson.

The asset protection team at MOD Pizza evaluated different vendors to streamline technology and enable advanced security capabilities. Their key goals included:

  1. Upgrading Equipment: Legacy cameras and alarm systems required frequent manual intervention taking employee focus away from serving customers and complicating security operations.
  2. Technology standardization: Diverse security camera and alarm solutions meant inconsistent service levels, contract management complexity, unpredictable operational expenses, and challenges in training employees to operate diverse systems.
  3. Integrated solutions: Stand-alone alarm systems weren’t equipped to verify alarm events. Frequent false alarm events resulted in steep false alarm penalties and operational disruptions. Besides, employee confidence in the alarm solution was fast eroding.

According to Swanson, “We needed a technology partner who could take responsibility for completely overhauling our physical security infrastructure so we could reduce operational complexity and focus on delighting customers.”

“We felt Interface not only met all our technical requirements but also demonstrated a superior commitment to understanding our challenges and presented a solution that exceeded our expectations,” says Swanson.

High-Impact Business Security Solutions

MOD Pizza chose Interface to roll out an integrated business security solution that included:

  1. Network video recorders (NVRs) to capture video camera recordings from IP cameras as well as existing analog cameras in a digital format.
  2. Video-verified alarm solution that integrates alarm sensors with security cameras.
  3. Cloud-based video management system (VMS) to process and handle security video recordings at scale.

The integrated solution is now up and running across more than 420 MOD Pizza locations delivering significant operational efficiencies, improved productivity, and cost-savings.

“We reduced our false alarm costs by over 95% and our monthly subscription costs by over 15% after we switched to Interface.” says Swanson.

Future-Proof Security Cameras

Interface installed state-of-the-art IP cameras at all the new MOD Pizza locations managed by Interface.

For locations that already had analog security cameras, Interface rolled out NVRs that convert security footage from analog cameras into a digital format. All digital video recordings are stored on the cloud for faster access, review, and analysis.

“By avoiding a complete rip-and-replace approach to camera installation, Interface was able to deliver significant cost-savings without compromising MOD Pizza’s ability to implement advanced security solutions and analytics in the future,” says Swanson.

NoPileups integration with CCTV and NVR by Interface

“Interface’s video-verified alarm solution has essentially
eliminated false alarms at
MOD Pizza. ”

Jason Swanson
Director of Asset Protection
MOD Pizza

Video-Verified Alarm Systems

To reduce the frequent incidence of false alarms, Interface implemented a video-verified alarm solution that includes verification of every alarm event by trained intervention specialists.

Video-verification of alarms significantly reduces wasted effort by restaurant managers to physically check the location during non-business hours and eliminates the false alarm penalties levied by the local city and law enforcement.

The alarm solution implemented by Interface included a cloud-based virtual keypad that offers a convenient way for the asset protection team at MOD Pizza to remotely arm/disarm alarm sensors, manage system users, credentials, schedules, profiles, and holiday dates.

“We have seen upwards of 95% reduction in false alarms since we implemented Interface’s video-verified alarm solution. Our field teams love the option to configure our alarm system via any connected device as it frees up their time to do other things,” says Swanson.


Cloud-Based Video Management

mod-pizza-configurable-vms-from-interfaceTo effectively process camera footage and securely share video clips for investigations, Interface implemented a cloud-based video management system (VMS). The VMS has been a game-changer for MOD Pizza as it has eliminated cumbersome manual video management tasks and made camera hardware maintenance easier with automated health monitoring.

The asset protection team can search across hundreds of restaurant locations, share password-protected video clips with external parties or law enforcement, and use video clips for internal training purposes.

“Previously, we had no way of immediately knowing when cameras were down and this was a serious security risk. With Interface’s VMS solution, we get real-time alerts when
the system detects a hardware issue and Interface usually resolves the problem within
24 hours. It completely takes away the effort needed to troubleshoot camera issues,”
says Swanson.

Pushing the Boundaries with Interface

By choosing to work with Interface, MOD Pizza has made significant gains:

  1. Ramped-up security and reduced workload on MOD Pizza employees for routine security operations
  2. Nearly eliminated false alarms and the associated costs
  3. Implemented an extensible camera and alarm solution that support advanced security and analytics solutions
  4. Saved over 15% of monthly subscription costs by combining alarm and VMS services.

With an advanced security solution already in place across over 420 MOD Pizza restaurants, Interface is already piloting a next-generation video analytics solution to optimize restaurant layout, improve customer experience, and uncover real-time intelligence to streamline restaurant operations.

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