Remote Video Monitoring to Deter Crime and Minimize Shrink

Harness our advanced technologies and expert Intervention Specialists who can see, hear and communicate with your employees from our TMA Five Diamond rated Command & Control Centers to ensure the safety of your employees, customers, and assets.

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Remote Video Monitoring to Deter Crime and Minimize Shrink

Harness our advanced technologies and expert Intervention Specialists who can see, hear and communicate with your employees in real-time from our TMA Five Diamond rated Command & Control Centers to ensure the safety of your employees, customers, and assets. Talk to us to find out how interactive remote video monitoring service can be a game changer for your business.

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Remote Video Monitoring Services

Our interactive remote video monitoring solution is designed to give your business a significant competitive advantage by minimizing security threats, encouraging compliance, creating a productive work environment for employees and a welcoming ambience for your customers.

  • Deter organized retail crime (ORC)

  • Reduce shrink
  • Reduce false alarms
  • Reduce insurance costs
  • Lower guard costs
  • Ensure procedural compliance
  • Ensure employee and customer safety
  • Enhance customer experience

“According to NRF, ORC costs retailers an average of $700,000 per $1 billion in sales. Interactive remote monitoring, along with our ability to deploy AI-enabled cameras, can serve as a powerful tool to fight back organized gangs.”

Sean Foley SVP, Enterprise Security Sales at Interface

Remote video monitoring services
Virtual guard services

Virtual Security Guard

Throughout the day, our Intervention Specialists will conduct virtual tours by logging into the store and check for suspicious activity, remove unwanted people from the property, and track people moving to and from high security areas. These virtual tours are performed at random and without warning. Every tour concludes with a voice-down announcement seeking confirmation about the safety of the location from your employees. With live security monitoring and guard tours that include the perimeter and parking lots, retail chains can deter smash-and-grab attacks and enhance safety for employees and customers.

Video Verified Alarm

When an alarm is triggered at any of your locations, our Intervention Specialists at our Command & Control Centers will immediately verify the cause of the alarm via live video. If a suspicious event is in progress, law enforcement will be notified immediately in addition to alerting contacts in your organization. Police respond faster when they know an alarm is verified and your business will no longer incur steep false alarm penalties.

video verified alarm systems
opening and closing procedures

Opening and Closing Escorts

One of the most vulnerable situations your employees may face is when they open or close the office location or store early in the day or late in the night. Every time your business location is opened or closed, our Intervention Specialists will be on the scene with live audio and video to ensure your team members arrive and depart safely.

AI-based Anti-Loitering System

Proactively monitor the perimeter of a store or office after business hours to stop vagrancy, intrusion, and vandalism. Our autonomous Anti-Loitering System includes an intelligent IP camera that uses artificial intelligence to detect people or vehicles and play customizable pre-recorded warning messages. The system can be integrated with lighting, alarm systems or can be configured to alert our remote security professionals if the subject being monitored refuses to comply with audio instructions.

remote video audits

Operational Compliance Audits

Go beyond remote video surveillance and leverage our technology stack to drive compliance, productivity, and operational efficiency. With operational audits, your store will get an unbiased evaluation of your operation sent straight to your email on a daily or weekly schedule. Our audit specialists will analyze live video and provide important feedback, coupled with pictures of violations or gaps in cleanliness, food safety, uniform compliance, staffing levels, building safety, and customer service.

Video Surveillance Insights for Loss Prevention Teams
Learn how enterprise loss prevention teams should choose cameras for video surveillance and get insider tips on best practices.

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Top Brands Trust Interface

Interactive Remote Video Monitoring Solutions Designed For Your Industry

With over 25+ years experience in delivering innovative monitoring security solutions for a diverse set of multi-location, consumer-facing enterprises, Interface has the domain expertise to recognize the unique demands of your business. Our security experts understand how your business is regulated, stay on top of emerging security challenges, and know how to deploy technology to overcome operational constraints. Explore how we secure customers across industries.

Solutions for Retail

Secure your stores and store associates with video verified alarms, monitor your store associates who may be receiving inventory or handling cash using the virtual video escort service, implement scheduled and on-demand voice downs to check in on the store associates or warn potential shoplifters, monitor store opening and closing, and enforce social distancing. Explore our suite of security monitoring and productivity improvement solutions for retail chains.

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Solutions for Hospitality

Hotel chains and resorts can offer their lone workers i.e housekeeping staff a multi-layered monitoring protection that includes smart-wearable devices with panic buttons augmented with our interactive video monitoring solution. Secure parking lots and lobby staff with our virtual security guard services with periodic guard tours. Find out how hotels can stay one step ahead of the emerging safety and productivity challenges.

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Solutions for Restaurants

Restaurants are reinventing their business models with emphasis on cleanliness and hygiene along with curbside pickups and home delivery by restaurant associates. Find out how Interface is partnering with restaurant chains and QSRs to use a combination of virtual guard services, video verified alarm and POS exception reporting to deliver discreet yet effective security and monitoring solutions that inspires confidence among associates as well as restaurant patrons

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Solutions for Banks and Retail Financial Services

Traditionally, ensuring business security has always been a priority among banks and financial services companies with retail presence. Interface customers in the financial services domain leverage our interactive remote video surveillance solution suite to handle a diverse spectrum of security threats and minimize cash management errors. In addition, customers can realize significant cost savings by optimizing the deployment of security guards

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Solutions for Cannabis Distributors

The fast growing cannabis industry is heavily regulated with every state having a unique set of compliance guidelines that include security protocols and monitoring solutions. In addition to our understanding of regulatory requirements, Interface’s sophisticated suite of interactive monitoring solutions and experience in dealing with customers with high-value inventory and high-volume cash transactions make it a partner of choice for cannabis distributors and retailers.

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Why Interface Is The Gold Standard for Interactive Remote Video Monitoring

Customer Testimonials


“Panda Express is saving over $100K per year in false alarm fees and thousands of dollars per month per store in reduced shrink at the POS.”

Lyle Forcum,
Exec Director of Asset Protection at Panda Restaurant


“Panda Express is saving over $100K per year in false alarm fees and thousands of dollars per month per store in reduced shrink at the POS.”

Lyle Forcum, Exec Director of Asset Protection at Panda Restaurant


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is remote video monitoring?

Remote video monitoring refers to the active monitoring of remote locations using the latest in live and recorded video, audio and alarm technologies to provide meaningful security telepresence that increases the safety and wellbeing of associates and customers.

How is interactive remote video monitoring different from remote video monitoring?

Interactive video monitoring includes live audio, video, and the ability to have a two-way interaction between locations in real-time. With remote video surveillance, two-way interaction may or may not be available.

Can Interface use existing camera infrastructure to roll out a video monitoring solution?

At Interface, we have security and technical experts who can determine if it is cost-effective and technically viable to use all or part of your existing infrastructure and overlay our services. Our goal is to maximize your ROI so our customers can focus on what they do best.

Will remote video monitoring consume excessive bandwidth, increase costs or degrade the performance of our network infrastructure ?

With Interface’s expertise in both networking and advanced business security systems, your decision to move forward with an Interactive remote video solution can be made less daunting. Interface specialists can customize solutions based on a symmetry between bandwidth and network restrictions and video compression and technology choices that will not only answer the short term need but more importantly chart a path for future capabilities and expansion.

How can I reduce security expenses with Interface Virtual Security Guard service?

With Virtual Security Guard services, costly guard services can be eliminated or drastically reduced by implementing remote Interactive escorts to safely open and close locations. Remote guard tours can oversee operations and check-in or sites during high-risk shifts or busy business periods. Interface has shown a measurable decrease in employee attrition through the introduction of Interactive monitoring services thereby minimizing costly training and knowledge gaps associated with high employee turnover.

How will Interface Virtual Guard proactively deter crime at my business?

The Voice Down aspect of an interactive remote video monitoring solution is a strong deterrent to both internal and external crime as employees and customers are clearly made aware of a security presence either during scheduled or random announcements. Remote Guard Tours drives internal accountability and alerts external forces to a higher level of risk in attempting any criminal activity.

How can Interface Virtual Security Guard reduce false alarms, fines, and build trust with the local law enforcement?

The ability to quickly view a live alarm situation remotely and then just as quickly view the recorded video to confirm the cause of any alarm event will reduce the false dispatching of authorities which will reduce fines. These proactive measures of video verified alarms reduce false alarm events by as much as 98% and will build trust with the local law enforcement agencies. In the event of a real emergency, the ability to supply an officer who is approaching a scene real-time information on the current situation is invaluable.

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