Virtual Security Guard Services

Secure your business locations with trained virtual guards who can see, hear and speak to people being monitored and have complete situational awareness of what’s happening at all your locations.

  • 24X7X365 security coverage

  • Gain complete situational awareness

  • Keep out trespassers

  • Protect assets and track cash movement

  • Reduce shrink and theft

  • Enforce compliance protocols

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managed intrusion alarm system

Virtual Security Guard Services

Secure your business locations with trained virtual guards who can see, hear and speak to people being monitored and have complete situational awareness of what’s happening on your property.

  • 24X7X365 security coverage

  • Gain complete situational awareness

  • Keep out trespassers

  • Protect assets and track cash movement

  • Reduce shrink and theft

  • Enforce compliance protocols

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How Virtual Security Guards Can Help

Virtual security guard services can cut down on guard costs by about 90% while offering superior security and outcomes.

Remote Guard Tours

Scheduled and unscheduled virtual guard tours can be deployed to identify trespassers, vagrancy, shoplifting attempts, compliance issues such as blocked exits or unattended spills.

Video Verification of Alarm

Every alarm event is visually verified by virtual guards to rule out false alarms and offer valuable information about the alarm event to law enforcement and key staff members.

Opening and Closing Escorts

Every time your business location is opened or closed, our virtual guards will be on the scene with live audio and video to ensure your team members arrive and depart safely.

On-demand Monitoring

From cash movement to stocking routines inside the business and in the perimeter, employees at any location can request remote monitoring support from our visual guards to ensure safety and compliance.


Our virtual guards can proactively perform scheduled or unscheduled virtual walk-throughs of your business locations and deliver voice downs to evict vagrants, warn people engaged in suspicious or aggressive behavior, enforce social distancing and mask mandates.

Operational Audits

Virtual security guards can extend monitoring services to observe, record, and report operational issues and compliance gaps with video or photographic evidence.

World-Class Monitoring Centers

Interface’s virtual guards operate from TMA 5 Diamond rated command and control centers in the US and are trained to use our advanced interactive monitoring technologies to protect people and assets.

Virtual Guard Services Is Better

For multi-location enterprises, employing security guards can burn through the asset protection and loss prevention budgets. In addition to the 90% cost reduction, enterprises can secure their people and assets much better with virtual security guards.


Presence of security guards can impact customer experience as it heightens the perception of potential safety risks at the location.

Virtual guards can monitor a location discreetly using security cameras without negatively impacting the customer experience.

Presence of guards increases the risk of planned attacks by gangs or individuals that exploit known routines and vulnerabilities of the guards deployed on-site.

Virtual guards have no such constraints. Security is always-on and interactive capabilities can surprise attackers.
The risk of fatal or serious injuries increases in the presence of armed guards. By removing firearms, the threat of a security event related to the firearm is minimized.
Security guards are prone to boredom and complacency and need breaks and time offs. Virtual guards with assistive technologies such as AI and motion-triggered cameras can be on vigil 24X7X365 without a break
Deploying security guards increases the risk of liability claims and insurance costs as guards can get into physical altercations with intruders or customers. Virtual guards can assess the situation at the location and choose to exercise control using voicedowns or by calling law enforcement.
Security guards have limited situational awareness resulting in greater security risks and loopholes that can be exploited. Virtual guards have complete visibility into every corner of the location inside and outside. They can easily switch between camera and audio zones to get a complete perspective of the potential danger or alarm event.
The cost of deploying security guards can vary depending on the local wage rates and availability of manpower. With virtual guards, enterprises can have a predictive cost of operation resulting in better planning for new locations or expansion.

Get Started Easily and Add Advanced Virtual Guard Services When You Need Them

Getting started with virtual guard services is easy. Our solution engineers will do a comprehensive security audit and choose from various solution components. Our layered approach to security allows us to create something that’s truly made for your business.


Service Feature Virtual Guard Virtual Guard – Enhanced
Video Verified Alarms YES YES
Intrusion Alarm Monitoring YES YES
Interactive live video and two-way audio monitoring YES YES
Number of Video Cameras Up to 8 Up to 64
Number of Audio Zones 1 Up to 8
Number of Microphones 1 Up to 8
Intervention Phone NO YES
Opening & Closing Escorts NO YES
Incident Reports with Snapshot Pictures NO YES
Scheduled Announcements OPTIONAL OPTIONAL
Operational Compliance Audits OPTIONAL OPTIONAL
Operational Compliance Interventions OPTIONAL OPTIONAL

Find Out How Much You Can Save with Virtual Guard

Armed Guards Number of days/week

Savings in first year*


Savings from second year


*Year 1 includes the one-time cost of installation and equipment for the Virtual Guard system.

Upgrade to Virtual Security Guards

Find out how remote monitoring by trained security professionals can be a game-changer for asset protection teams

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the scope of training provided to virtual security guards?

Interface’s virtual security guards go through a comprehensive training program that includes a certification program by TMA, behavioral training, customer service, and roleplay.
Here are some of the key components of the training program:

– On-site Behavioral Personnel Assessment Device (B-PAD) used by law enforcement and security agencies that include video simulation of calls and situations covering a range of hostile and emergency situations.
– Five-part training curriculum for intervention voice downs for diffusing tense situations and lowering the need for police dispatches.
– Advanced alarm signal escalation and ideal response procedures.
– Best practices to answer phones, assess video and communicate effectively while receiving and relaying important and sometimes life-threatening information.
– Virtual escort process, and critical safety procedures during opening and closing events.
– Expert techniques to ensure lower shrinkage and reduced inventory loss.

What’s special about Interface’s technology for remote monitoring by virtual guards?

Unlike passive remote video surveillance, Interface can offer truly interactive remote video monitoring technology that offers our virtual security guards the ability to see, hear and speak to employees/customers at the location being monitored. Our virtual guards can seamlessly conduct a virtual walkthrough of the location and can move between audio zones and camera zones. This gives our virtual guards enhanced situational awareness not otherwise available to onsite guards or virtual guards who rely just on video surveillance.

Don’t virtual guards need a break?

Yes, virtual guards need a break just like any other employee. However, to offer uninterrupted security coverage for customers, Interface’s virtual guards operate in teams to allow for scheduled as well as impromptu breaks. In addition, change of shifts typically includes a shift handover protocol so the team taking over the monitoring is completely up to speed on the status of the locations being monitored.